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That's sad. The phone and Essential deserve better than that.The continual software improvements and stellar security patch support should make the major flagship makers bow their heads in shame. Oh, I forgot that they only care about separating the consumer from his or her.money.


#2 philesk, Feb 12, 2018
Maybe add an sdcard slot and they'll have tons more business.. Mine included. No sdcard slot is a mega deal-breaker
#3 bcrichster, Feb 12, 2018
But, but, it has 128 GBs.

It really is a nice phone.
#4 Clementine_3, Feb 12, 2018
I'd have bought one if they'd released it here. But I wasn't going to import it and have no warranty support, or even anywhere in the country tooled up to repair it.

SD = tons more business? Tell that to Apple. For that matter OnePlus seem to be doing OK without one (and these days the Essential costs slightly less than the 5T).
#5 Hadron, Feb 12, 2018
Maybe the phone needs a more exposure.
#6 ankit raghuwanshi, Feb 12, 2018
SD slot is an absolute must-have. I don't care if a phone comes with 1TB of storage. I don't use cloud storage, let alone trust Goooogle's cloud to store my photos, so I want a slot. I still have a Nexus 5 that got destroyed, has dozens of my son's photos from first breath he took to days afterwards that I can't get back. Yet. That's my reason.

The other issues that worried me about Essential were:

-Price, at first. $800+ for a no-name phone from a no-name company was wayyy too steep. I occasionally follow techie and android news and had no idea who Andy Rubin was until Essential announced the phone...

-Tech reviewers that got an early hand on the phone butchered it up in the reviews, and shortly afterward they dropped the price by a couple-$300, otherwise they wouldn't have even sold 30k. Some people who finally got their phones confirmed what the reviewers posted.

-Delayed launch with absolute silence at first, and then Rubin is accused of inappropriate behavior after that.

That is why I stayed away from it. Bad launch, bad reviews, bad camera, bad pricing. I have read that the Essential team has been wonderful with the online AMAs and that updates are rolling out, but it's still not enough.

I played around with one at a Best Buy not too long ago, and there's nothing really special about it, and a lot smaller than I expected too. Even at $500, there are more reputable phones on either side of it that have better features for the same or less. And that earpiece void at the top of the screen is hideous.

On a side note, if one is looking for a phone with goofy detachable cameras and such, the Moto Z2 force is in the same price range and comes with a free attachment of some kind...

Somebody who knows phone hardware well may be attracted by that price, but someone like myself who likes to see where the money went and if support will be there the next day, heh.... I'll wait until they clear out for under 250.
#7 Spec2nirvash, Feb 12, 2018
The phone breaks or bricks and all your precious data is inaccessible. Scratch that, gimme an sdcard. Apple's sheeple are .. Well, you already know. Their product is something I consider 'pretty junk' and the lack of sdcard slots just add to that problem. Essential should had been smarter and added the slot
#8 bcrichster, Feb 12, 2018
Your phone gets stolen... and the sd card and all your data disappear with it....

... your SD cards IS NOT a backup. Its not backed up until the data exists in at least 2 places.
#9 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
Yes, and SD cards fail too - it's happened to me. I do not regard data as safe just because they are on SD, I want a backup (off device) regardless, at which point that advantage of SD storage becomes much less important.
#10 Hadron, Feb 13, 2018
Then there's all those peeps that use their SDs as adoptive internal storage. Phone takes a dump, and that's the end of that.
#11 mikedt, Feb 13, 2018
Same with Hadron. Would've consider it if its available here, specially after the price cut.

And about the sd card. People shouldn't care if someone want or do not want a feature for their phone. Its a pointless arguement to have.
#12 Jhayzone, Feb 13, 2018
Hey, 90,000 smartphones is great sales...!

Look at me, I couldn't sell a single unit...
#13 Daniel Fernandes, Feb 13, 2018
@psionandy @Hadron @mikedt good points. Since I'm way more likely to break my own phone rather than someone steal it from me, I've always just gone with an unencrypted SD where direct photos and such, that I can just simply stuff into the next phone and all good. I've never had a phone stolen from me or had an SD card go bad (first generic 16GB card I bought back in 2011 I think, still works fine). So, it fits I guess.
#14 Spec2nirvash, Feb 13, 2018
Yeah, I have a 32GB Sandisk I bought in 2010 which is still going strong. And I had a 32GB Samsung I bought 5 years later that lasted 3 months before failing suddenly and irrecoverably with no warning. That's why I appreciate the flexibility they offer but don't regard data on them as safe.
#15 Hadron, Feb 13, 2018