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Support 1500 mah?

That depends on how much you use the phone .

1500 mAh
Talk time:
5.50 hours
the average is 7 h (439 min)
Stand-by time:
500 hours
the average is 423 h (18 days)
Talk time (3G):
4.33 hours
Stand-by time (3G):
500 hours
#2 YouTu_01, Mar 1, 2011
Hmm can a new battery be bought that has a longer life?
#3 DexTyler, Mar 1, 2011
Nope even if you find a battery that fits ,you can brake your phone as the power requeriments are different
#4 YouTu_01, Mar 1, 2011
What about buying the exact same battery as the one included?
#5 DexTyler, Mar 2, 2011
If it's the same battery model then you're good to go but you can't get a larger battery for this phone
#6 YouTu_01, Mar 2, 2011
Well that's good then. What I might do is buy a spare battery, charge it to full and take it with me everywhere. And when my phone runs out (as most Androids do very quickly from what Iv heard), I can have a 99% battery instantly:D
#7 DexTyler, Mar 2, 2011
Are there any apps on the android market that can tell the EXACT amount of battery that I have left, cuz the one I use goes from 100 - 90 then from 90 it goes down in 10's so I never know exactly how much battery I have left
#8 gigavic27, Mar 3, 2011