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Actual cost of Straight Talk $45 including any taxes and other fees?

What is the actual cost of the Straight Talk $45 Unlimited plan including any taxes and other fees? I have Virgin Mobile and I'm on the $35 plan but only pay a total of $38.37 at the end of the day.

$35.00 Monthly Plan Charge
$0.53 e911
$2.84 Sales Tax
$38.37 Charged to your card

I'd like to know what I'm gonna be paying on Straight Talk.


#1 sounreal, Oct 1, 2012
I can't remember exactly, but its around $49.33 roughly. Don't have a bill hand to give you exact numbers, but its under 50 bucks.

Hope this helps.
#2 Trooper, Oct 1, 2012
For the $45/mo plan:
Federal Universal Service Charge: $0.68
Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee: $0.09
+ your state/local sales tax and E911 fees if they have any

Funny thing is that since changing to the "Auto-Refill" option, I haven't had to pay the state/local sales tax, nor E911 fees.
#3 DarkJedi, Oct 1, 2012
Just re-upped today as my account was going to expire in a few days. I am not setup on Auto-Refill.

Total was: $49.47
#4 Trooper, Oct 1, 2012
If you buy online at walmart.com and specify a shipping address in a state with no sales tax (OR, for example), there are no taxes or fees. Since the item is delivered via email, the shipping address doesn't affect delivery. My last purchase was for 90 days @ $125.99, or $42/month.
#5 UncleMike, Oct 1, 2012
When I had them, it was about $49.55 or so after taxes and what not.
#6 xTye, Oct 2, 2012
Mine is $48.92 in South Florida.
#7 oldnoob2, Oct 2, 2012
Thanks everyone.
#8 sounreal, Oct 3, 2012
That's exactly what I did because I live in Washington state and use my friends address in Oregon +1
#9 tlopez1973, Oct 16, 2012
Just wanted to let you all know... that yet again this month, I paid NO state/local taxes or E911 fees while on Auto-Refill.

Back when I renewed manually each month, I was hit with the taxes/fees. But auto-refills seem to not incur them. Straight Talk has my correct address and all. I've not been trying to dodge the charges.
#10 DarkJedi, Oct 19, 2012
Just refilled for the first time. Bought a refill card at Walmart, paid $45, nothing more.
#11 rudyy, Oct 30, 2012
I'm gonna try this but I need a address.
#12 sounreal, Oct 30, 2012
Search Google maps for a location in Oregon. Any address will suffice. For example, search for "outback restaurant near Oregon". They don't check the address against your credit card or anything, so the charges should go right through. I did this for the second time three days ago, and got a call from Wal-Mart the following day confirming the purchase before they would "ship", but they were only looking for verbal confirmation of the order.
#13 UncleMike, Oct 31, 2012
Southern Maine...............auto refill.............$48.01 per month

#14 lennydude, Oct 31, 2012
I just brought mine from their website, I was just charged 6% MI tax.
#15 shortduck, Nov 30, 2012
hey guys just refill my straight talk monthly 45 dollar plan from www.crazygametime.net for 38.25 and added to my ST reserve
#16 tlopez1973, Dec 12, 2012
My local Walmart does not charge tax 45$ total.
#17 0ptimusV, Dec 27, 2012
After finding it impossible to buy a 90 refill online from Walmart last month (10 purchases were confirmed, and subsequently cancelled by Walmart), I went to a local store to buy one, and they didn't have any there, or in any other nearby stores, so I bought a 30 day refill. Less than a week later I received a text from Straight Talk telling me that I could get $2.50 off $45 refills by signing up for autopay. I decided to try it, and my card was charged $46.19. Straight Talk's web site shows an itemization of:

$42.50 - service
$2.98 - tax
$0.00 - E911 Fee
$0.64 - Federal Universal Service Charge
$0.08 - Regulatory Cost Recovery

I know, it adds up to $46.20, but my card was only charged $46.19.

Without any taxes or fees, it's still a better deal to get a 90-day card online from Walmart *IF* you can get your purchase to go through, *AND* you live (or use a shipping address) in a state without sales tax.

Before my next autopay, I'm going to try again to purchase the 90-day card online from Walmart. If that's successful, autopay shouldn't happen, but I'm concerned that I see no way to cancel autopay on the Straight Talk web site. How do I cancel it?

Note: I'd really like to know, but it's not a concern for me since I used a "safe" temporary card number issued by my bank, which I can invalidate at any time, and it will only affect Straight Talk.
#18 UncleMike, Mar 3, 2013
I personally have never attempted canceling my auto pay but from what I read on many different forums you basically can not do it.
What everybody does is change the cards expiration date on their site to a invalid date and auto pay stops automatically :)
#19 lennydude, Mar 3, 2013
UncleMike, my first autopay was full price... but the ones after it did not have the other fees. Check out what happens next month and let us know.
#20 DarkJedi, Mar 4, 2013
Thanks for the info. I'll give it another shot at the end of this month.
#21 UncleMike, Mar 4, 2013
I used autopay for several months and they always charged all of the fees each time. It was about $48.95 or so total. Now I use crazygametime or refillmobi and right now, I'm paid up until April.

eta: this was at the regular $45+ price.
#22 gale65, Mar 5, 2013
Interesting. I wonder what accounts for all the variations of experience? When I got my phone, I got a 30 day card with it. When it was nearly done, I signed up for auto-pay. It cost me 75 cents less than at the store (state charges 75 cents for all pre-paid cards). Then, the next and subsequent months, I didn't pay the taxes anymore... making it even cheaper.

Oh well. Will count myself lucky I guess.
#23 DarkJedi, Mar 5, 2013
I've been on auto-refill for 8 months now....with 2 ST phones...
Both are on the $45 Unlimited plan....and EACH has been charged $47.99 every 30 days....until last month....apparently ST has /had a "promotion"....
Now, the newest phone (Galaxy SII) is charged a flat $45/mo. -- the other phone (a Blackberry-style Samsung) is still at $47.99/mo. ----??:thinking:
It's worth it to me NOT to have to mess around with the cards...!!!:rolleyes:
#24 angeldroid, Mar 24, 2013
I'm in MN & on auto pay. I pay $50.04 after taxes, fees, etc...
#25 treelover3, Mar 24, 2013