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Aokp 7.1.2

All credit goes to dfuse06
To bad he's ban for life from AF
#2 jhoak1, Apr 30, 2017 Last edited: Apr 30, 2017
Nice, when can we expect a download
#3 Relyt2012, May 1, 2017
When AF let's dfuse back
#4 jhoak1, May 1, 2017
Firstly, Good luck.
Second, did you build it or did he?
#5 Relyt2012, May 1, 2017
the kernel version has the PC & builder already labeled
#6 bcrichster, May 1, 2017
True, I forgot. Well resurrection remix is great for me. Besides he said to me he'd never build cyanogenmod. Well lineage now. I don't really care anyway
#7 Relyt2012, May 1, 2017
Is VoLTE working or is that just the icon you can turn off?
#8 angelwind, May 1, 2017
I said all credit goes to dfuse06 in the second post
#9 jhoak1, May 2, 2017
Yes it works great
#10 jhoak1, May 2, 2017
Homeboy dfuse06 is coming back and it would be a good idea to watch ur mouth
#11 jhoak1, May 2, 2017
Hey, he might come back. That would be fine, however, don't act as though he is all this device has. I'm grateful for what he has done, but honestly. It is just a phone.
#12 Relyt2012, May 2, 2017
I'm back , I have to fix snap cam , but there should be a build this weekend
#13 dfuse06, May 3, 2017
You know what I'll just give y'all a test right now. It isn't 100%. It probably 90%. Have fun and enjoy.
#14 dfuse06, May 3, 2017
Wow! thank you, you guys are awesome. Many great roms the last few months
#15 Etreum, May 3, 2017
If i decide to install do i need to install a different modem i believe i have modem B15
#16 Etreum, May 3, 2017
I would suggest to be on the latest modem
#17 dfuse06, May 3, 2017
I must say, impressive. You definitely beat me to getting VoLTE support. Im a little upset about that though, however it is now working. So whatever, good job.
#18 Relyt2012, May 3, 2017
I don't know if you think before you type or not ,but for one it isn't a competition. 2nd if it was I pretty much beat you everything. You know since you forked my work on 7.1.1 and all. I am just saying.
#19 dfuse06, May 4, 2017
If the rom am using is running B15 modem if i flash your rom do i need to re-flash the modem
#20 Etreum, May 4, 2017
BTW thanks for all the work that was done it has made owning this phone more fun
#21 Etreum, May 4, 2017
Wow, I was attempting to compliment you.
#22 Relyt2012, May 4, 2017
;) :)
#23 Unforgiven, May 4, 2017
Oh , thanks man 😀
#24 dfuse06, May 4, 2017
Hi guys. Just wanted to point out a few things about the ROM. First of ball thanks for the voLTE.

1. Camera doesn't take pictures. Gives an error where taking one. Tried with stock and open camera from app store.

2. Hardware capacitive keys don't light up. They only light up when going to settings and adjusting the time, but even after adjusting the time, they don't light up.

3. Screen acts but is fixed when you press the power button to turn the screen of and on again.

4. WiFi is a bit slower on the device as compared to stock.

5. No 5ghz option for wifi tether in settings.

6. Pie controls don't work all the time. I had it on the bottom but after a few uses, it doesn't show up. It then works from the right side of the phone.

That's all I can remember. Had to go back to stock for the camera function. Thanks again for the ROM.
#25 mubz92, May 9, 2017