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Can't update google maps on wifi

I have an HTC desire 626 on ATT. I have not been able to access Wi-Fi, even though it is connected. For instance, I try to update google maps and it says "waiting for connection" even though the settings tab says I'm connected to Wi-Fi. This has happened on multiple Wi-Fi hotspots that I have accessed previously. I have google maps update set to " wifi only" and moble networks set to off. I have similar problems when I try to access email, so I think its a Wi-Fi problem not a google maps problem.


#1 ras_oscar, Feb 9, 2018
Found the answer. I had recently changed my gmail password. Once I signed in to gmail on my device the update function worked fine. Not sure why these 2 unrelated services are linked.
#2 ras_oscar, Feb 13, 2018