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Support Double Notification Sounds

Have you guys noticed or had this? Just happened last update I think to mine. But have seen others complain about it much earlier than the update came out.

like when I get a voicemail my notification sound will play twice in a row. And then when I go into retrieve the voicemail it plays again. Some are saying it happening on various other apps with notifications also(Text, Mail, etc). but only happens on voicemail for me.

Any ideas? Or does anyone else even have this happening to them? all the threads I have read about this have no solution.



#1 wedgemoose, Jan 26, 2018
Hi, this happens to me too, especially on whatsapp. I was looking everywhere possible to find the option of disabling this, but no luck. I find it a bit annoying and I would love to switch it off.
#2 pinco000, Jan 26, 2018

Yes switching off is the quick fix. But i need this notification especially being voicemail(it's a work phone that doesn't stop ringing all day).
#3 wedgemoose, Jan 26, 2018
Hmm. So I'm curious if it's actually duplicating notifications, or just sounding twice?

I ask because I pretty much exclusively leave my phone on vibrate and have never noticed double notifications. Nor have I the few times I had the volume up.

I see one is a 3rd party messaging app, so I have to ask @wedgemoose , is this happening with the stock phone apps, or are you using 3rd party apps for some, or all, of the ones in question?
#4 Brian706, Jan 26, 2018

I don't think it's double notification. I think it's sounding twice. I may have wording it wrong in title sorry. Mine is voicemail. When I get a voicemail it does the sound twice. Then again when i go into the dialer to get my voicemail.

Yes others have said the same on text and other apps. Sporadic. Mine never did this before until 8.1 I think.
#5 wedgemoose, Jan 27, 2018
You know, now that I think about it, I want to say that you get a missed call notification and a voicemail notification. Maybe that's what is happening here? I don't get many calls, just texts mostly. But I think my phone vibrates for the missed call notification and then again when the voicemail sets in. But I also have a separate notification for each.
#6 Brian706, Jan 27, 2018

great thinking right here!!!!! never thought of that. but i can't find a missed call setting anywhere. and i do have a special one for /voicemail than the rest. and it didn't do this before. but i have to find the missed call setting to make sure !!!
#7 wedgemoose, Jan 27, 2018
guys, its not the sound. My message pops up second time again if it has not been seen the first time it arrived...
#8 pinco000, Jan 29, 2018
Mine is sound only. One right after another. Let's pretend my voicemail notification sound is "ding"

When a new voicemail comes in I hear Ding and then a millisecond after that another Ding. So ding - ding. That's it though, for me. I haven't seen the message pop up twice. But haven't been looking either. I will start looking now
#9 wedgemoose, Jan 29, 2018
I have this exact same issue. I have a unique sound for my voicemail which is different from any of my other notification sounds, and it goes off twice whenever I get a voicemail. No other notification sounds do this. I haven't spent too much time on getting it resolved, but I'd love to find out how.. it's a little annoying.
#10 godspeedfx, Feb 14, 2018
guys, is there a way to have different sound for different app notifications?
#11 pinco000, Feb 14, 2018
Hah, I just figured it out. After doing a little research, I saw that other people had a similar issue with Whatsapp and a few other apps. I don't have any of those, but I use an app called Zedge to find notification sounds/ringtones and it has the ability to set them from within the app (if you give it permission, of course). I just uninstalled it and test called myself from another number, left a message, and viola! Only one voicemail sound.

To the OP, this is probably caused by an app on your phone and not by any kind of stock setting.
#12 godspeedfx, Feb 14, 2018
Pinco, you can set different notification sounds for most other notifications, but you have to set them from within each app. For instance, your standard notification sound is set from within your main android settings (Apps & Notifications section), but to set a unique sound for your text messages, you'd go into your SMS app settings and set it there. If you want to change your voicemail notification, you'd go into your voicemail app and set it there.
#13 godspeedfx, Feb 14, 2018