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Galaxy S7 Edge prevent voicemail

I have a Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935A and I want to prevent blocked numbers from leaving voicemail.

I have added these numbers to the block calls list but it still allows them to leave a voicemail

How can I do this?


#1 Tony Me, Feb 12, 2018
You'd have to talk to the carrier since VM is handled on their end. There are a few who do permanently block numbers, but I, of course, it's not free, and generally not part of the regular plan.
#2 lunatic59, Feb 12, 2018
Defeats the whole purpose of a block number list if it still allows voicemail
#3 Tony Me, Feb 12, 2018
That's the way mobile voicemail works. It's always been that way.
#4 lunatic59, Feb 12, 2018
Isn't there an app of some kind to provide this type of feature ?
#5 Tony Me, Feb 13, 2018
Nope. Calls go through the carrier network and then are routed to your phone based on the SIM or IMEI over the cell towers. If the call can't make a connection at the phone (either by not being online or by the phone blocking) it's then routed to VM. Any blocking of VM for individual numbers must happen on the carrier's network
#6 lunatic59, Feb 13, 2018
There's 3rd party apps that may do as you wish, I use Calls Blacklist from the play store
#7 Dannydet, Feb 13, 2018