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Support galaxy S7 texting problems

phone is from US cellular. using Tmobile. everything works good, except text messages. if i send a short text, no problems. if i type a few sentences it won't go through. i can see MMS next to the text and the little loading circle just spins and spins and eventually i get an error message - currently unable to send your message it will be sent when the service becomes available. i also can't send or receive pictures. i tried google searching but have not resolved the problem. mobile data is on. anybody have a solution?


#1 misterDEAN, Aug 31, 2016
It sounds like the phone is set to send longer texts as MMS - most message apps let you change that behaviour, so if the stock one doesn't you can install another which does.

It also sounds like MMS is not working. Many carriers use a separate APN for MMS, so if yours is one of those and that APN is not set up that would explain the rest. Check your APN settings (in the data settings somewhere), you should be able to find the settings for your carrier via the web. If they are ok try calling your carrier to check that MMS is enabled for your account (even if it's supposed to be errors can happen).
#2 Hadron, Sep 1, 2016
I had the same problem. I went to "settings" "mobile networks" "network mode" and changed it from global to LTE/CDMA, then back to global again. It fixed it immediately.
#3 BigPoppaChive, Apr 30, 2017