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Google feed news

Hi everyone, i don't know why it's not working...
When i move left side from the home screen, my Google feed news doesn't work.
I just got the pixel 2 xl and don't know how to fix this awesome feature....Any idea ?


#1 akhoonechakir, Feb 7, 2018
What about if you launch the Google app directly?
#2 codesplice, Feb 7, 2018
Same thing Happened. Only asking me for google search bar

Maybe because of my location ? I'm from Reunion island, small french island near Mauritius ...
the Google pixel 2 is not available in france too !!

Sorry for my english...
#3 akhoonechakir, Feb 7, 2018
Location was my first thought, but everything I can find suggests that the Google Feed should be available worldwide now.

Have you tried clearing data for the Google app to see if that does anything?
#4 codesplice, Feb 8, 2018
I try to reset all my history and clearing data and set it up at stock.
But the blue colour to show you that one option is activated...don't show up in the feed option !
#5 akhoonechakir, Feb 8, 2018
Do you use a personal gmail account or is it a G-Suite account via work or school?
#6 codesplice, Feb 8, 2018
Personal account !
#7 akhoonechakir, Feb 8, 2018
Hmm. Do you happen to know anyone else with a Pixel device? I'd be curious to see if it is indeed some sort of location restriction or if there is something going wrong with your phone.
#8 codesplice, Feb 8, 2018
I have to wait such a long time i thing to find anyone else here in my litlle island, with the same device !lol But i'm sure that it may be a location play store we don't have all access to all application because of location too, in any devices...
#9 akhoonechakir, Feb 8, 2018
I have news about my probleme, it's not because of my location. Google is telling me that my account is not compatible with the account is a gmail account. Does any one know if i have to modify something in gmail ?!
#10 akhoonechakir, Feb 14, 2018
Try deleting the cache on the google app, then re-start.
#11 shalemail, Feb 14, 2018
#12 akhoonechakir, Feb 14, 2018