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Help with N64 emulator please


First of all I would like to apologise in advance, because I know that using emulators is piracy, and I realize how tough it is to make games (I'm programming games myself).
However Nintendo 64 is a very old console, that has stopped selling more than 10 years ago, and I would love to play some N64 games on my android device, because of nostalgia and because they weren't released on any other console (Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask for example).

My device is HTC One X running on Android 4.1.1.

Currently I have an emulator called "SuperN64" installed.
There are major problems with some roms. I have tested the roms myself, on my PC. They all work.

But on my Android phone:

-Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (is the biggest reason why I want a good N64 emulator. You can't play it on any other console. And they are not doing a remake anytime soon!)
It has huge lags on my HTC One X with that has a freaking quad core! It has missing or blinking textures or very low fps, around 10 fps.

-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Fps is fine with this game. It's around 50 fps constantly. However some textures are missing again, and some are completely messed up/ glitched.

-Rayman 2, the Great Escape
Doesn't play video. Only audio.
I was playing this game as a child a lot, and I would like to play it again.

The games listed above are the main reason that I would like to have the N64 emulator on my Android device.
As I've said before- ROMs are fine!
It also can't be a problem with my device, it has way better specifications than N64.
Another thing that I want to add is that some other games play completely fine. Some don't.

I have been playing around with app's setting all day and couldn't solve those problems, although I do believe that the problem is with the emulator.

Could someone help me out?
Does anyone have any experience with playing N64 games on Android?

Recommend me a good emulator, free or paid- I don't care, all I want is that it will play the games listed above without any glitches etc.

Please reply.
Thank you in advance!



#1 TechBro, Aug 25, 2013
Welcome TechBro!
Well, from what I understand, having an emulator on your device in and of itself is not piracy.
Piracy comes into play about games and how they are obtained...but we'll stay away from that discussion k?

Now, I just wanted to post here to welcome you even though I know very little about emulators.
But have you tried different emulators?

Is this the emulator you have?
#2 Mikestony, Aug 25, 2013
Yea, that is the emulator that I am using.
I've a few more of them- some of the top rated.

Most of the N64 emulators for Android are based off of Mupen64, an OpenSource emulator for PC, so they had pretty much the same problems.

I wonder if anyone knows of a good one?
#3 TechBro, Aug 26, 2013
Think just about all the Android N64 emulators are based on the same Mupen64 source code.

Thing about emulation on Android vs PC. A typical PC is basically much more powerful than any Android device. An Android tablet or phone, even quad core, being a low powered battery operated device, really only has about as much equivalent power as a cheap Atom CPU netbook. And emulation does have quite an overhead, because you're emulating a completely different hardware platform using software alone, even though it might only be a 100MHz VR4300(the N64 CPU). To emulate that in software might take more than the power of any Android ARM CPU, plus whatever other hardware there is in an N64.
#4 mikedt, Aug 27, 2013
However fps is not the biggest problem at all.
The problem are the graphic glitches! Sometimes the texture won't load.
It just displays shapes in green and red color.

for example- In Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, some parts of the town are glitched.
The dungeons have no glitches at all, and still the game is playable though.

I still don't know why Rayman 2 has no video...I think I'll install Mupen64 on my pc(there is a pc version) and I'll see how these games play there.
I'll play around with settings a bit more.
#5 TechBro, Aug 28, 2013
As mentioned, it's in need of resources (power) that your android device can't deliver. I'm big in the n64 emulator scene and most people would be shocked at the PC you need for a good emulation experience. No way a phone/tablet can pull that off at this point. Emu folks are hobbyists and like to see things run. Playability isn't a top priority. The N64 is a beast in reality believe it or not. Any slowdown, audio issues, etc are for one reason. Not enough juice.
#6 MisterWonderful, Oct 5, 2013
Hey Id like to say that i dont care illegal or not I USE ROMS AND EMULATORS>..... with that said the one i use and will always use is Mupen64 if you get the newset update it works grand. ive used almost all emulators on android and for n64 Mupen64 holds to be the best. as for zelda majoras mask if i were you disable the sound first off. then shut down ALL apps then open the emulator i have majoras mask yes sometimes glitches but other wise works fine on Mupen64 let me know if this works....
#7 7889loopie, Oct 10, 2013
I feel your pain, I am downloading the roms now, and will go through tweeking the setting on my galaxy prevail to try to get them to run as good as possible, when I'm done ill post what plugins and settings you have to use. :D
#8 MReS, Oct 10, 2013
Okay I think I figured it out:

First reset all setting on the phone emulator ( skip if you have not changed and video or plugin settings)

Then go into plugins and change the video plugin to gles2glide64

If that does not work go back into plugins and disable audio, change the RSP to the one that says speed hack.

If that doesn't work go into video and enable RGBA_8888 mode, and the frame limiter.

Doing all of this I fixed the glitches in the zeldas and video worked on rayman.

Hope this helps,
#9 MReS, Oct 11, 2013
Sorry is this is a little late but if yiu want a good emulator for majoras mask then try using Mupen64+AE free. Its worked great for me.
#10 manniblah814, Apr 30, 2014
Thank you so much, I have been trying to figure out how to play Majora's without glitches and finally i was able to, great bro!!

It really works!
#11 Andres Ortega, Oct 1, 2015
I don't know about you guys, I play all my roms flawlessly, wwf no mercy ect, the only rom where there's no wrestlers on screen during opening intro, character select screen and during a match is with tohkon road 2 (jap) wrestling game. Virtual pro wrestling works perfect, why with tohkon road 2 I'm having that issue?
#12 n64forever, Feb 15, 2017
Mind you, I'm on a Galaxy Note 3 and all American roms including the Jap rom for virtual pro wrestling works super with the rice plugin.
#13 n64forever, Feb 15, 2017