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Support HTC ONE battery discussion (usage, charging, etc.)

these batteries last about 2 years and after that they start to lose their capacity--just the nature of the chemistry. also, since its used, who knows how the previous owner(s) used and abused it.

there are videos online that show how to swap these batteries, its really not a big deal. so if you feel like you can do that after watching one or two of these, then keep the phone and replace the battery.

otherwise, its up to you if you feel that capacity is within your needs. each person is different.


#601 marctronixx, Aug 30, 2014
Hi mathmantall,

I agree with marctronixx, if you're happy with its condition etc, keep it and be prepared to replace the battery if it becomes necessary. Before my One I had a Desire S and because I do a lot of hill/moorland walking use maps and GPS a lot and always carried a spare battery. When I upgraded to the One the first thing I did was to buy the HTC external battery pack which I carry with me whenever I'm away from a charge point - I've never had to use it, but it gives me peace of mind (I've had my One for over 14 months now). There are battery cases available which is another solution.

When using call usage/battery life, don't forget that HTC will quote it under ideal conditions which is almost impossible to achieve with normal every day use.

I guess it's a case of comparing the cost of changing the phone now to the possible cost of replacing the battery/buying a case/buying a battery pack.

Hope this helps.

#602 tommo47, Aug 31, 2014
I have an issue with my HTC one when I have it connected to my tv via the hdmi adapter. The battery doesn't charge or keep the charge in the battery, it loses charge. Is there anything I can do to change this or is it a common problem ? It's very annoying when you are halfway through a film and your mobile switches off half way through the movie. Any advice would be great thanks :)
#603 GaZtWiN88, Sep 27, 2014
I don't believe that HDMI ports are designed to supply the voltage required to charge connected devices. You'll need something like this ... eForCity
#604 lunatic59, Sep 27, 2014
Thanks, i will give it a go. The one I bought was off ebay. Just a plain white one hasn't got any logos on it so don't know who made it. It just said it was compatible with my device.
#605 GaZtWiN88, Sep 27, 2014
You have to make sure that the adapter included an additional connection for charging. My guess is the one you bought was only the HDMI adapter.
#606 lunatic59, Sep 28, 2014
Hi all,

My HTC one M7 is draining battery very very quickly. I tested once like this: I switched off my mobile data and rechecked my power after one hour. There was no power drain at all, not even one percent. Then I switched on the mobile data (but didn't browse anything) and after one hour, it was down by 6%. I checked which apps were eating up the power in background and came up with the following results in the attached image. Is Android system taking up so much power normal? Would really appreciate any help 😊
#607 rajpotula, Oct 18, 2014
are you rooted? did this drain issue start happening all of a sudden or has it been going on?

was the phone purchased new or is it a refurb? yes this question matters.

install or uninstall any apps prior to this happening?

3rd party launchers, animated screensavers, animated sense screens all contribute to power drain.
#608 marctronixx, Oct 18, 2014
No, its not rooted.
This started suddenly about a month ago.
It's a new phone, bought last year around June 2013.

I have also done a complete factory reset, but even then this happens. As in the image, it says "Android system" is taking that normal? The other ones are all less. Also, as i said, when the mobile network is off, the drain stops. Is there any way to find out who is eating the battery up through data behind the scenes?

Thanks a lot for replying! :)
#609 rajpotula, Oct 19, 2014
ive the one max.

google services and "cell standby" are at 5% and 3% respectively. of course im on wifi at the moment and also use wifi calling, so this probably affects those services.

my biggest drain at the moment is whatsapp (46%) ;-)

you could have some background services from apps causing this drain. could be a rogue app.

there are apps in the store that break down power usage very specifically. one or two of those apps are listed in this thread, so i suggest you search through this thread with the search tool to get specific hits on apps.

its hard to determine over the internet what is going on because each phones environment is different over someone else's. could be any number of things.

try to remember if you removed or added an app prior to this happening. could be a faulty battery. list goes on and on....
#610 marctronixx, Oct 19, 2014
before lollipop battery at 70% by 10pm after disconnect from charger at 7am with heavy text, music play, internet browse, gps, camera and phone use. after lollipop battery at 20% by 10pm. Only change to phone is lollipop and updates requested by other apps that were already present on the phone. reboots no help. adjusting settings no help. anyone else experiencing this or have a solution? Please help. I want my old (before lillipop) HTC One back!!
#611 lthrwing, Feb 21, 2015
The battery calibration gets messed up after the update if the battery was low due to the huge installation. Clear the cache in fastboot, while the battery is full, and then it'll take a while to relearn the true capacity of your battery, just use it consistently the same every day for a while.
#612 vulcangrey, Feb 23, 2015
same here with the latet lollipop update been avoiding it for ages then it just downloaded eventually-my battery is shockingly bad used to last two days with average use now im not getting even 15 hours out of it

dont know what to do have gm battery monitor task manager but not helping
#613 gabbyevs, May 25, 2015
The cell entry for the cable is burning smell when I try to load.
Not charge.
Cell Phone works with the battery remaining.

What can i do? what's happened? Which piece can i buy to replace? Can i do it by myself?
#614 petterson braga, Aug 17, 2015
Have you tried a different cable/charger? Much cheaper if that is the problem rather than the phone.

I would not attempt to repair a HTC One myself.
#615 Hadron, Aug 17, 2015
and @Hadron is about as knowledgeable as anyone at htc...
#616 marctronixx, Aug 17, 2015
Just upgraded my HTC one and it has halved my battery life. It is now only 5 hours from fully charged to empty. Making my phone now totally useless. I will have to get a new phone , it won't be HTC
#617 colrags, Dec 16, 2015
If you can tell us what model you have, what carrier and what the upgrade was (previous and current versions) we might be better placed to advise.

Sometimes there are odd effects from over the air updates, especially where they involve major OS version changes. The clean way of doing big updates would be to wipe everything and reinstall, but obviously that would not be popular with the general public. But if you have a problem after an update then backup, reset, restore is always worth a try. And that is not down to the manufacturer, it's just that a major OS update plus old data and caches will not always work cleanly, whoever makes the phone.
#618 Hadron, Dec 16, 2015
Hi I have an HTC one the android version is now 5.0.2
Not sure what it was before , probably the previous version, as I usually upgrade when available. I upgraded 2 days ago. Now it won't last a shift in work, and I hardly use it. I am on 3 but as I am in Spain at mo it's moviestar
#619 colrags, Dec 17, 2015
If your version is now 5.02 then you almost definitely upgraded from Android 4.x. The biggest change there was moving from a Dalvik virtual machine to Android Run Time (ART) which was huge and should boost performance. You absolutely should perform a full factory reset. Besides clearing the system settings a full factory reset will also wipe the old Dalvik cache, which is the culprit for your degraded battery performance. If you are rooted with a custom recovery, you could boot into recovery and wipe the Dalvik cache manually, but that might not be enough.

While it's a pain to have to set up your phone from scratch again, you'll be astonished how much better your performance will be with a clean version of Lollipop (5.x).
#620 lunatic59, Dec 17, 2015
Reset it .seems a lot better now.
Thanks for all your help
#621 colrags, Dec 18, 2015