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Hello AndroidForums!
So here is the deal.

I recently got my Galaxy S4 back from a screen repairing, although once the screen was fixed they had to
factory restore it to be able to unlock the phone as it had a lock on it. The did it to check that all the features worked on the Galaxy S4 and of course it did.

So i took a day to fix all the applications i had, signing on to all different social medias and all that and now im wondering.. What is the ultimate way to root your Galaxy S4 device today?

It was rooted before but i had problems with it restarting every now and then so if there is any way to root it avoiding that i would gladly appreciate it! i also really want to keep everything on the device aswell, no losses of data. If that is possible?

Thanks for reading!

Samsung Galaxy S4
Model: GT-I9505
AndroidOS: 4.4.2

PS. If you need anything more about the device, just ask and i'll provide you with the information needed!


#1 akke92, Jan 23, 2015
There are so many S4 variants I had to do a search, but it looks like we discuss rooting this version in the (International) S4 All Things Root forum, so I'll move the thread there to get you the best answer :)
#2 Hadron, Jan 23, 2015
The S4 is from Sweden so i suppose that International would be good, not sure as im not very good at these things! :)
Thank you!
#3 akke92, Jan 23, 2015
See... Rooting Galaxy S4 - Dummies Guide
#4 ironass, Jan 23, 2015
Ironass, i need your help bud.
I followed the guide very througly, read the tutorial twice before proceding but when i connect the phone in download mode with Odin3 up i get this from windows:"Device driver software was not successfully installed, MSM8960, No driver found"

It's like it needs a driver for the galaxy s4's download mode?
Please help me!
#5 akke92, Jan 23, 2015
As per #1.4 of the guide, do you have Samsung Kies installed?
#6 ironass, Jan 23, 2015
Yes of course i do, and it connects perfectly to Kies without any problems. I can see that it's connected to Kies when the phone is booted.
atm the phone is still in download mode and Odin is still up, not sure if it could harm the Device if i exit eiter of them so to be safe it's still as i left it.
What do i need to do now? I searched on the web and found some MSM8960 drivers to download but not sure if that is just bullshit or not?

Thanks for the support.

EDIT: i got Kies 3 installed, do i need the regular Kies for it to work or does Kies 3 work aswell?
#7 akke92, Jan 23, 2015
Sorry, in pub. Safe to unplug S4 and reboot. Uninstall Kies and Samsung drivers and download it again.
#8 ironass, Jan 23, 2015
Should i install Kies or Kies 3? Cause currently i got Kies 3 installed.
#9 akke92, Jan 23, 2015
#10 ironass, Jan 23, 2015
Alright so its been about a week now i think and the root went all smoth and all that. But the device keep making these random reboots. And they are pretty often, like once every 2 hours and it's starting to go on my nerves..

Anyway to fix this? Cause if there isn't i might remove the root from the device.
Thank you!
#11 akke92, Jan 29, 2015
Did you Wipe the Cache Partition?
#12 ironass, Jan 29, 2015
No i did not, how do i do that the easiest and safest way possible?
#13 akke92, Jan 29, 2015
See #1.3 of S4 Lollipop Update Problems - Dummies Guide
#14 ironass, Jan 29, 2015
This doesn't work for me, when i do hold down the buttons mention and i see the blue text in the top left corner i release the buttons held.
But then it boots the device as normal. I get to the home screen as normal?
What can possibly be wrong?
#15 akke92, Jan 29, 2015
Nevermind... seems like it got fixed by releaseing the buttons VERY quick when the blue text appears. I've wiped the cache partition now and i will wait untill tomorrow to give a response!
Thank you.
#16 akke92, Jan 29, 2015
This did not fix the issue, it have been doing the random reboots after the cache wipe aswell..
Any other way of fixing the issue?
#17 akke92, Jan 31, 2015