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Support Keep receiving duplicate text messages

Hi, ever since I started using my phone to text my current girlfriend (so for about 2 months now) I'd receive the odd duplicate text from her... or sometimes I don't get the text at all when she sends it and it'll randomly be sent to me later after anything from a minute to several minutes. I used to think it was just her phone or sim card playing up because she has a crappy old phone and I figured either that or her sim card were playing up seen as I'd never had this problem with anyone else and it wasn't very frequent.

However, yesterday (evening to be precise, so a few hours ago for me atm) I started to get A LOT of duplicates from her of 2 or 3 of her texts and I didn't get about 4 of them until a random time after she'd actually sent them, like 10-20 mins later. But what was even weirder is that it suddenly happened to me with another friend who it'd never been a problem with before. It sent duplicates of like 2 of his texts and he says he only sent it once and it only appeared once for him. He has an android device a lot newer than my girlfriend's phone so I don't think it's her phone's fault anymore.

I'm starting to think this has got to be a problem with my phone or network but it has only affected texts from my girlfriend previously and now this one off with a mate.

It's getting really annoying and I don't want it to get worse. Has anyone had any similar problems with this phone or do you think it could just be a network issue? But then why doesn't it occur with everyone else who texts me?

I tried turning my phone off for a while and back on again and that just made it worse temporarily... for about 5 mins I received about 6 or 7 duplicates and those 4 messages which I earlier said I didn't initially receive :/ It's stopped for now :|


#1 slickjr, Jul 20, 2012
Yeah, I get duplicate texts quite often from my wife. It's off and on, I'm not entirely sure what is going on. But it has never bothered me enough to try to track down the cause.
#2 AntimonyER, Jul 20, 2012
I tend to get duplicates when in a fringe service area.

Also noticed that some ROMs are worse than others.
#3 quickaudi, Jul 20, 2012
+1 to the above comments.
#4 iowabowtech, Jul 20, 2012
I think its a network issue since they happen just as frequently on my Nexus as they did on my Eris.
#5 Demache, Jul 20, 2012
It's definitely a network issue. My sister lives in a dead zone and I always get duplicates from her.
#6 CopperWires, Jul 21, 2012
Thanks for the responses. Yeah usually I wouldn't mind it and it's not much of a problem but that occurrence last night was making my phone go off every 10 seconds with duplicates at one point :/

Hopefully it at least goes back to how it was :| If it does get worse I'll just try and find out if T-Mobile knows of any specific reasons or things I can do to minimise them.

Thanks again :)
#7 slickjr, Jul 22, 2012
you didn't happen to swap ROMs at any point, did you?

I'm not sure why, but on some of the earlier AOKP B3x ROMs I had this issue a lot. I haven't had this problem on B40 or M6...

I know people say that ROMs don't mess w/ radios, but I don't entirely believe that.
#8 quickaudi, Jul 22, 2012
It did to me on Jelly Belly, 4.0.4, 4.0.3, and on my Incredible before I got the GNex
#9 CopperWires, Jul 22, 2012
Happens to me on occassion (VZW). Google it, pretty common issue with no fix.
#10 steveFTC, Jul 23, 2012