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Metro PCS - Major Changes


So a very popular thread with ongoing discussions has been removed from public view to protect one of our members and to help in general.

I'll try to sort out what's possible to move over here from that.

Meanwhile, please continue your discussions here as if nothing has happened.

Please expect no further insider information and please don't ask for any (if you know who I mean, please don't ask them, if you're new to this and want to know who I'm talking about, learn to live with disappointment ok).

Let's keep it no-drama here yeah?

If you have questions about this, please drop me a line. Don't discuss it here.

Public speculations, complaints and anything else about your right to insider information will be cheerfully deleted - that's in everyone's interest, not mine ok.



#1 EarlyMon, Jul 1, 2015
What is the reason for this? The information was very useful, was it by request from the OP or from Metro?
#2 metro101, Jul 2, 2015
I don't know what part of that was unclear to you. :thinking:

Tap my name, choose to Start a Conversation - hope that helps.
#3 EarlyMon, Jul 2, 2015
My apologies, I have sent you a message...thanks!
#4 metro101, Jul 2, 2015
My deepest thanks and hope that everything is well to that certain person.
Mazel Tov.
#5 horsecharles, Jul 2, 2015
I'm not sure of the details, but I hope everything turns out OK. :)
#6 kate, Jul 2, 2015
I would think it did. Had it not, particularly the "Donald Trump scenario" there'd be no point in taking down.
Speaking of, hope politics haven't adversely affected career path.
#7 horsecharles, Jul 2, 2015
Okay, keep calm and carry on.
One topic being discussed was the end of the life phones.
#8 gelige, Jul 2, 2015
Any news of any upcoming phones maybe?
#9 swagless_noob, Jul 3, 2015
I'll bite.
I can't believe no decent LTE phones like Avant, at $69 / $99...not even at $149.
Hope this trend does not signal permanence.
I personally don't want to pay the price of a computer for a tablet, much less a phone...to boot
a phone that not only is not top of the line, but suffers some annoyance.
An annoyance is either, when a maker has been releasing their phones with certain features- now somehow left out for Metro(significant android version, Nfc, IR, fm radio, LTE band, unlocked bootloader, etc.), and/or the hardware/software/OS supports something that is missing or disabled.

This is especially important to those on the unlimited promo, who are not allowed to use a non- Metro phone.
#10 horsecharles, Jul 3, 2015
I'm waiting on this too.
Things I will NOT accept:
no nfc
no wireless screen cast( any format which doesn't require router will do)
under 4.5" screen
under 1.5 gb ram
under 32gb storage
no SD slot
locked bootloader
no lollipop
no band 12
under 5 mp & 1080

Things I hope for:
'm radio
Ir blaster
64 bit enabled...this I believe a hindrance at present...for curiosity's sake.
#11 horsecharles, Jul 3, 2015
Pretty much sums up what I'm looking for too lol hopefully this year we will have decent mid rage phones at a decent price
#12 swagless_noob, Jul 3, 2015
What I noticed that a well run independent store where the guy seems to know his stuff, he has low inventory. Hopefully, that means he choose to not stock much of the current stuff, because he know that better phones are in the pipeline.
#13 gelige, Jul 3, 2015
I was thinking of switching from my galaxy light and getting the lg leon, but I held myself back in hopes of something better since most of the phones are end of life
#14 swagless_noob, Jul 3, 2015
What is your roadblock to getting a BYOD phone? I have been incredibly happy since going that route. The Moto E works great for my mom and the OPO is amazing for my wife and I. Low price phone (in terms of specs), amazing, maybe unparalleled development and of course, with Metro, great plan/service.
#15 confed, Jul 3, 2015
Absolutely the truth! I'm using the 1st gen Moto G on Metro and love it. After having the LG Optimus M+, LG Motion (and with Metro part of T-Mobile) I decided I never wanted a locked down phone again.
#16 alfick3, Jul 3, 2015
I don't remember seeing such a small phone selection since the days of one top phone at a time...the recent decommissioning timing seems odd...
#17 horsecharles, Jul 3, 2015
Forum multi quote buggy.

Yeah, galaxy light to Leon is not an upgrade- but a sideways move.
I would consider searching for an Avant...I heartily recommend it...kitkat is the only minus.
Or wait...I have the Stylo and like it- but that's too much to spend on a phone...
My hands were tied on the unlimited promo after losing phone-
not allowed BYOD.

Almost everyone on the unlimited promo is likely praying for cheaper and/or a major promo discount on the Stylo.
#18 horsecharles, Jul 3, 2015
Well I'm on the promotional unlimited 4g lte plan so that's why I haven't bought a device else where, as far as I know the promo only worked for metro branded phones
#19 swagless_noob, Jul 3, 2015
I would definitely like to see a price drop on the stylo as that seems like one of the better phones out right now for an "ok" price
#20 swagless_noob, Jul 3, 2015
I would suggest looking for a metro s4. Thats something. Or the S5.
#21 Kid09, Jul 3, 2015
I would but I honestly don't see myself paying over 200$ dollars for a phone
#22 swagless_noob, Jul 4, 2015
Yep. For me Ditto goes for other purchases...at whatever the stated price I can't buy a peach for the price of 2-3 apples, etc.
Plus the combo of higher price & phablet size kinda takes over your life:
changes from what you wear to what places / persons you avoid to placing a permanent extra subconscious worry in your mind.
#23 horsecharles, Jul 4, 2015
Starting from highest(thus not knowing when/if price would go lower)- what $# would tempt you to run to the store for a Stylo? AND let's not forget one thing: the locked bootloader...someone reported that subsequent phone batches will arrive with 5.1.1 n locked bootloader.
#24 horsecharles, Jul 4, 2015
There's three ways to screen cast - Miracast and Google Cast (the latter is best known by and used with Chromecast) - or - to Apple TV (and I'm not interested enough to learn the protocol name or how it works).

Leaving aside Apple TV, Chromecast requires a router, so that leaves Miracast.

Miracast uses wifi direct (peer to peer).

And it was baked in to Android beginning with Jellybean 4.2 - but - it's being replaced on a lot of phones starting with Lollipop with Google Cast (in fact, I think that Miracast has been deprecated altogether by Google).

It's likely that you'll need an app to use Miracast. Check out "Mirror Beta"


Or search the Play Store for Miracast.

Miracast vs Chromecast -


What you really want to watch out for -

#25 EarlyMon, Jul 4, 2015
It may be me and my Old eyes but I had the edge and gave it to my kid.
Since 2011 i've tried samsung quite a few times. I always end up back on lg phones.
I have the means to use whatever phone i want. I have a moto d2 that stays with me and now my metro g stylo is my favorite. The wife has my f6 with the kitkat mini rom on it and all my kids get the latest phones that i either don't like or get bored with. The others I donate to our service men. Some are complete junk and end up in the grand kids toy box.

So trying the ones you want is the only real way to see which ones you really like. So don't trust some carrier sells rep on a web site hiding his Id to tell you what phone you should use. They are in bussness to sell phones. They don't care if in two months your not happy with the ones you try. They are selling phones and repeat bussiness is how they pay their bills.
So do look around and find what will make YOU satisfied with whats in YOUR pocket.
Viperdink :))
#301 viperdink, Jan 29, 2016