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new cool app idea

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How the thing works:

In "main" you can call or text your friends just as skype or icq.

when you are in the app, you need to put informations in your profile
about (age, gender, location, first language, second language, knowledge of).

"notifications" is where you receive notifications !
it's a message.

"people" is the list of all that are online

Lets say have a question about nebuchadnezzar.
You go to "people", use the filter and select "knowledge of history"
after applying the filter, you find 32 000 matching people out of 500 000 online.
you send a notification to 100 of them,
they will receive the notification and will reply to you, also by notification
or by instant message or by calling.
From the 100 people , there will be like:
60 don't know nebuchadnezzar.
10 know nebuchadnezzar somehow.
10 know him well.
10 know nebuchadnezzar quite well.
10 know nebuchadnezzar very well.

last step: call them and enjoy your instant answer ! :)

Let's say you did not understand a whole field (chemestry for example). Quora and google makes you search, search, post messages and wait a long time for a reply that gives you a short text. Quora and google makes you read a ton of things. All by yourself. At the end of the week you did only a little bit of progress. This is long, lonely and painful. This program makes you call immediatly with skilled HUMANS. You just sit, relax and enjoy talking to them, they will be dedicated to you to make you master the field. isn't it right ?

Plus. Here you can meet new people, socialize, share languages and many other cools things


#1 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
Too complicated.
I can kind of follow your reasoning but your sample for verification is to small.
#2 dontpanicbobby, Feb 13, 2018
What do you find complicated?
Because here everything is made to be clear and simple
#3 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
Looks like a cross between Google and Facebook.
I wouldn't use it personally, because Google and tech forums work for me when I need answers.
But then I deactivated my FB account, so what do I know?
Good luck with your project.
#4 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
The "How many people know" part.
That's not near enough for me.
Heck I've been on the boards long enough to know someone will argue water isn't wet but 100 people saying it is doesn't make it true.
#5 dontpanicbobby, Feb 13, 2018

Concerning the 100 people, the numbers I gave are an example.
It is a minor detail.
The major and important thing here is that this is an app that will provide immediate help or immediate people to share languages or immediate people to socialize.
No other platform does that
#6 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
It auto-translates? بارد
#7 dontpanicbobby, Feb 13, 2018
this feature can be added later on, just as on skype.
But there is not great need for it because for example :
A spanish guy will filter to speak to spanish speaking people
A croatian person will filter to speak to croatian speaking people
#8 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
I try to help developers.
#9 dontpanicbobby, Feb 13, 2018
English is the language that makes air travel work. Huge market in English.
#10 dontpanicbobby, Feb 13, 2018
Sounds a lot like Google's q and a service, which they killed because they couldn't get it to scale.... Yahoo have also taken a crack at it
And I actually got paid to answer questions Mahalo
#11 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
The yahoo answers or google help things only allow you to type a message and wait, this is slow and boring.
This thing is the only platform that provides immediatly people to text+call+webcam with you to share languages, help each other, socialize...
#12 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
So.... Why are there going to be Babylonian scholars sat, primed for action and ready to answer calls instantly?

How does the incentive side work?

Google tried and failed with their chat based services... Which is why they aren't there now.

But good luck with the idea
#13 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
Help websites like quora and yahoo answers ---> Short text message, need to wait a long time, lonely, painful.
This app ---> (Voice) calling with a skilled person, immediate answer, not lonely, fun and confortable
#14 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018 Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
How do you persuade your friends to list and catagorise their knowledge of historical monarchs so you can find the right person to call?
#15 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
you are saying: " what's the incentive to answer ? "
---> This also applies to all help websites like quora, yahoo answers, forums and so on
---> This also applies to huge number of people on these websites that answer questions
#16 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
"Babylonian scholars sat, primed for action and ready to answer calls instantly?"

It doesn't work like this.

I works like skype or icq, but the list of all people is shown.
From this list you can filter it to match your need to text or call them
this is how it works
#17 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018

here is how it works :
in profile informations, in "knowledge of" you get to choose from different things.
Like : history football cooking science chemestry ........
you can select several of them
#18 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
Ok... But to use your example, you are going to have to dig pretty deep into the knowledge schema to get to differentiate between someone who knows Nebuchadnezzar well... And someone who knows him very well.

And thats going to be hard based on people saying that they are interested in things like cooking, football, history,science.

And on the flip side... If I am a Babylonian expert, I'm not going to stay around if I'm being spammed for request about french revolutionary history all day, because I know about history.
#19 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
the app will be a great success and will benefit millions of people, like facebook
#20 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018 Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
Have you written this app yet?

Or are you just going to announce it again and again and again......

If that sounded harsh that wasn't my intention... But you only have to tell use once. Otherwise you might be mistaken for a spammer
#21 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
So, as a Babylonian scholar, what is the reason for me to answer calls from all these people interested in ancient monarchs?
#22 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018

here is how it works :

there are 500 000 people online.
in the fliter, you select "language=english " , "knowledge of=history".
from 500 000 people, you will find like 60 000 people.
That means there are 60 000 people out of 500 000 that speak english and are good in history.
then, from these 60 000 people, there are like
60 % that don't know Nebuchadnezzar
10 % that know Nebuchadnezzar a little bit
10 % know Nebuchadnezzar somehow
10 % know Nebuchadnezzar well
10 % know Nebuchadnezzar very well
#23 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018
Yes... You said that....

So... As a user... After I have spammed 100 users who have said they like history... How do I know who really knows Nebuchadnezzar really well?

As a Babylonian expert, how do I stop people spamming me and calling me about the french revolution?
#24 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018

" what's the incentive to answer ? "
---> This also applies to all help websites like quora, yahoo answers, forums and so on
---> This also applies to huge number of people on these websites that answer questions


what matters is Not if one person name johan5871 living in Texas is gonna GIVE answer

what matter is if one person is gonna GET answer, and from the huge number of people online ( 500 000 ) , the answer will be there for sure !
#25 Kevi Nero, Feb 13, 2018 Last edited: Feb 13, 2018