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Newbie trying to gather possible results.

Hello everyone! I am a regular and borderline satisfied user for the ZTE ZMAX PRO. I needed a phone and went on ahead using the promotion MetroPCS had, "open a new line, get any $100 phone for free." So i opened a new line and got this.

Before going on, i'll post my devices current state;
Z981 Current Version: V1.0.0B21
Android Version 6.0.1
Android security patch level Aug 1, 2017
Baseband version Z981B01
Kernel version 3.10.84-perf-gcdba782-00725-g9a1b90dzte-kernel@Zdroid-SMT
Build number Z981V1.0.0B21
Hardware version u88A
OEM unlocking is available under developer options

Volume down + power shows FTM (I haven't an idea what that is, i;m used to seeing a dead green guy)
Volume up + power shows;
Android Recovery
6.0.1/mmb29m/20170802. 130758
(options to choose regarding reboots/updates/wipes/power off)
Supported API: 3

What is possible with this phone in it's current state? Is root achievable? Are there any tools/softwares/drivers?

Also, i was a Nexus 5 user for a long time and i'm sure rooting and modding methods for it are overly simple. I'm not familiar with a few terms regarding linux, but am willing to learn. I am more of a follow-steps/procedures kind of user, so reading a guide meant for newbies is what I do.

In anyway, I can contribute anything regarding any development for this phone, all I ask if precise directions. I am willing to dummy this phone, I mean, I got it for free. I can also help with any directions that require a PC (Win 7 Ult).

If nothing can be done, please provide a reasonable explanation as to why.

Thank you and I hope to hear great answers. I am also hoping for other users like me to get more clear answers on this subject.

I am Discord/Gmail/WhatsApp friendly.



#1 TeachMeHowTo, Feb 11, 2018
That may help you, and welcome to the forums!
#2 Dannydet, Feb 11, 2018
Thank you for the quick response! I'm aware of that thread, but I was hoping to gather simple information on this thread to simplify results for beginners such as myself. The original thread has 146 pages of posts, and i simply don't have the time to filter out useless posts, nor decide what is important. If I can ask, what are important things to know about this device regarding rooting/unlocking/modding/twrp'ing/et cetra?
#3 TeachMeHowTo, Feb 12, 2018
root thread is now locked so that shows you where we are with rooting. lol
with that said, somebody pointed out that a paid software was able to connect to the phone and sideload a TWRP image which you are then able to install Magisk. nobody here really wants to pay for that software because it costs $50 so....you are now all caught up.
#4 ohnoiforgotmypas, Feb 12, 2018
do you guys think this would work?

[attachment removed]
#5 1998gs, Feb 13, 2018 Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2018
I would never pay for something like that.
There's absolutely no guarantee it will work.
Try Kingroot but be warned, your security will be compromised
#6 Dannydet, Feb 13, 2018
The thread is locked because people simply cannot control themselves, and it degenerates into pointless bickering which pollutes the thread, and nobody wants to wade through that.

Your summary is correct, and at the moment, some people are working on a free solution to this, which doesn't involve the use of pirated software.
#7 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
People are saying that but since they are working on it in a private group chat on another site, I'll just assume that they have abandoned it for the 2nd time.
Sapphire did admit to abandoning it right before Messi found that UAT program.
#8 ohnoiforgotmypas, Feb 13, 2018
I think it's on the back burner for him at the moment. But let's see what happens. I think progress is being made.
#9 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
it does, im the one selling that, i already rooted for a few members in here
#10 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
i can guarantee it works
#11 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
Who exactly? If you're selling a rooting service for a phone that nobody has been able to crack, you need to prove it. Where money is involved we need definite proof, otherwise this is technically a scam.
#12 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
check the root thread, im the one who rooted the phone with messi's method to show it worked, ask that guy armandop_ who uploaded the new twrp who rooted his phone
#13 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
i rooted lonelyisland369's phone too, check his magisk mods post
#14 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
No, it's my job to prevent people from getting scammed.
#15 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
Right, this is a public health warning:

All members should be extremely suspicious of anyone offering a working root solution for this phone, considering nobody in the official root thread has provided a full and verified process.

And it is not in the spirit of rooting phones to exchange money. Historically, rooting phones has been free, using solutions provided by the honest hard work of others, who worked it out, and offered their tools for free.

So, I urge you to be very suspicious of non-verified tools/solutions from anyone asking for money.
#16 LV426, Feb 13, 2018
Messi's method requires $50 to get that program. So, are you saying you are charging $10 + the $50 for the program??
#17 tube517, Feb 13, 2018
no, i already bought the program, i am doing it on ebay for 10 only, i paid 50 for the program and 50 more to be able to use it my license on any computer i want
#18 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
I think you might have missed it when I came out to confirm the UAT method. Sorry, if I didn't make it clear but Fidounlocks rooted my ZTE Zmax Pro.
He was completely transparent during the process and very helpful through every step.
#19 lonelyisland369, Feb 13, 2018
and the funny thing is he says i am advertising here, like i asked for money from you or anyone else, this is why im doing it on ebay only, if people want to complain they better pay then, since they are going to complain anyways with the free stuff.
#20 fidounlocks, Feb 13, 2018
Sad but true...
#21 creep138, Feb 13, 2018
Apologies to the OP but I deleted a bunch of other crap that has spilled over from other threads into here.

Therefore, I'm closing this until I / we can wrap our heads around all the other sh*t that keeps popping up.

Getting tired of this, sorry.
Hit me up via pm if you have any questions.

/thread closed
#22 Mikestony, Feb 13, 2018