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Obamaphone service - through VIrgin Mobile - Annoying Ads


I recently received a UMX U673C phone with Assurance Wireless, a service for poor people that is carried out by Virgin Mobile.

Sometimes such service is referred to as "obamaphone".

Everything was nice, however my phone constantly offers me to install new apps. I suspect that the program that is responsible for this is Google Play. A message that pops up has an "X", however when I hit this "X", the app still installs and I have to uninstall it.

Over time, those installations lead to another problem: annoying spam ads that pop up on my phone screen every time I turn the screen on.


Here you can see who sponsors those adds.

How do I get rid of those two problems and restore the usability of my phone?
I tried to change the ad settings in Google play, that did not work.

I am looking for ways to block ads.
I am also looking for ways to override Google Play, prevent app from installing unless I key in a secret combination or do something else to give an app I want to install a special permission to do so.

Thank you.


#1 Vladimir Tolskiy, Feb 12, 2018 Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
Was "Obamaphone" really a thing? Show me a link please. I kind of doubt you.
#2 dontpanicbobby, Feb 12, 2018
yes it was and still is
#3 n0tall0wed, Feb 12, 2018
That didn't mention Barrack Obama. Sounds like a Bush plan to me.
#4 dontpanicbobby, Feb 12, 2018
Is 'TrumpPhone' a thing in the US?
#5 mikedt, Feb 12, 2018
It's not Google play causing your issues, go thru your list of apps and see what could be the culprit.
You can try installing No root firewall, and go into it's settings to block permissions for each app.
I use adguard, which blocks all ads in all apps
#6 Dannydet, Feb 12, 2018
Yep this is due to the generic gallery app..some gallery apps contain ads.....just go to settings, then apps, then find the gallery app, and disable it. ***That app comes with ads***....Then go to the play store and download a gallery app that does not contain adds....the play store will tell you if the new gallery app will have ads or not and just choose one that does not have ads...problem solved.....i dont know why they give us phones that come with these type of apps already installed--set up for failure--
#7 OnMyWord, Feb 13, 2018
I disabled "Gallery". Waiting to see what happens.
#8 Vladimir Tolskiy, Feb 16, 2018 at 1:12 AM