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Support Remote Bluetooth Volume Control

I play music from my Android (Galaxy Tab A) almost all the time. It's alway low volume, so I don't need an external speaker. It would be handy to have a small gadget that would allow me to control the volume remotely from the Android. I suppose forward or reverse features could be useful, but not necessary. Can't find such a gadget on eBay or Amazon. Any help will be appreciated.


#1 kdsdata, Feb 14, 2018
So you want a Bluetooth remote control zapper that's like basic multimedia functions only? Something like this perhaps?
#2 mikedt, Feb 14, 2018
From the Galaxy tab A? Just use your volume buttons on it or install a volume control app from the play store
#3 Dannydet, Feb 14, 2018
mikedt: that's what I am looking for. I guess I just wasn't using the correct google search string.

Dannydet: when you say "use your volume buttons on it", do you mean on the device? If so, then you are misled by my question. I am looking for a gadget that I can have in my pocket "remote" from the tablet. I want the tablet where I can have it plugged in while I listen to the music. But I want some gadget so I can control the volume remotely. mikedt's is just such a gadget. And a 20 ft radius of control is just fine.

Thanks all.
#4 kdsdata, Feb 14, 2018