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Ringing/mute feature

Android 8.1 enabled in-band ringing by default; this means that your Bluetooth headset/speaker will play your selected ringtone (rather than a generic one built-into the Bluetooth device), but unfortunately the ringtone also mirrors the ringtone volume set on your phone. If you have your phone on silent, you won't hear the incoming call on your headset.

That's dumb, right? I submitted a bug report about this during the 8.1 beta. It was closed as "working as intended." :rolleyes:

Please be sure to use Settings > System > About phone > Send feedback about this device to let Google know that it's silly to silence calls on Bluetooth.

The good news is that I've got a workaround! You'll need to first head to Settings > System > About phone and tap on the Build number field 7 times. You'll be prompted to authenticate to confirm enabling Developer Options. You can then go to Settings > System > Developer options, scroll down to the Networking section, and disable the Enable in-band ringing option. Then reboot, reconnect your headset or speaker, and you should be able to mute your phone while still being alerted to incoming calls on your Bluetooth accessory.

But seriously please do send feedback to Google. That's the only way we can let them know this needs to be changed.
#2 codesplice, Feb 13, 2018
BTW, I've also been informed that the (enabled-by-default) in-band ringing will actually prevent the phone speaker from broadcasting a ringtone while a Bluetooth headset is connected. Depending on your use case, you may not need to silence your phone when a headset is connected.
#3 codesplice, Feb 13, 2018