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Root Root before activation???

I'll apologize in advance if this question has already been as answered.

UPS just delivered my new EVO. I plan on rooting it, but not sure if I should do it before I activate it or after. My preference is to do it before, just in case something goes wrong I still have my old phone to use until I can it sorted out.

Anyone done this before? I've been searching the web cannot find a definitive answer as to whether rooting prior to activation will cause issues when I contact Sprint to switch the service from my old phone to the EVO.

Thanks in advance.... Tom


#1 P70FT, Apr 14, 2011
I am not sure about if either way has any disadvantages over the other. However, personally, I would activate it and make sure everything is working. Then read the rooting guide or go to and do the rooting. If you follow the simple instructions you shouldn't have any issues.
#2 Frogbone, Apr 14, 2011
+1 to frogbone

there are many ways to eff this kind of thing up.... and its far better to have a fully functioning phone to work with from a start point than having a wifi only device. That being said, there are some very specific reasons that the opposite applies. a: you have an alternate already working phone b: you have an alternate already wo.... wait... uhhh didnt i already mention that? anyways, if you follow the rooting for dummies guide, its kinda hard to eff this stuff up so badly that any one of the following forumites couldnt resolve your issue in a matter of mere minutes (even tho a minute with a "bricked" phone can seem like 72.23432 years lol ) these member are akazabam, mr. ed, evomattnc, ocnbreeze etc etc etc... myself (i mean POSITIVELY no offense to anyone whose provided help in this forum, the names i mentioned are the ones that immediately came to mind)
#3 youdoofus, Apr 15, 2011

Where the eff did extreme go? He get bored like me? Only see his name in the sticky anymore
#4 evomattnc, Apr 15, 2011
maybe he was abducted by aliens that bring their abductees to the Hawiian islands or something like that.... or, uhhhhh maybe hes incognito as a noob on here to see wha tkind of advice we give lol
#5 youdoofus, Apr 15, 2011
what are your thoughts on the root b4 activation? do you agree with the activate then root, or the other way round?
#6 youdoofus, Apr 15, 2011

Honestly I can't figure a situation where it matters one bit lol. As long as he doesn't root and then immediately flash to aosp and then try and activate.
#7 evomattnc, Apr 15, 2011
right.... well flashing to aosp from sense (without doing the proper wipes first) is problematic in general. I know you know this matt, im merely stating this fact to help out those who may stumble upon this thread who dont already know that ;)
#8 youdoofus, Apr 15, 2011
I meant the EPST issue with aosp but that too :)
#9 evomattnc, Apr 15, 2011
Thanks for the replies. I think I'll activate first. Every turn the damn thing on it tries to contact sprint for activation and I think that may cause a problem during the reboots while running unrevoked.

Another question... The main reason I'm planning on rooting is for the wireless tether. I've read just about everything I can find on it, but I'm still confused about one thing. When they refer to using the "market version" are they talking about an app from the Android Market website, or from the site?

If I should download from the google site... the 2 newest ones are marked as experimental along with a list of a few other older ones. Which one should I try... one of the experimentals, or the newest one one that is not experimental?

Thanks again.
#10 P70FT, Apr 16, 2011
defiantly activate before. cause if there is some kinda of problem with the phone at least you have support and if u go tweeking your phone with out the support you may end up scrambling to undo what you did to get the phone back to out of box condition. I dont know about you but any time with out my EVO and I am pissed..and for no reason........................... at least give your phone a week at a normal state.......
#11 mbancroft, Apr 16, 2011
Hello...I have a similar question but different device and my device wasn't on the list so here I am.....I bought a brand new LG Tribute HD which is not activated and I want to root it and then ultimately install a spy app on it before I give it to the person and then we will go together to activate it. Is that possible? Would you recommend doing it this way? I have been more worried about learning to do the rooting and it didn't occur to me about the activation issue. A more basic question while i'm here can a phone without a sim card be activated? I haven't decided if I might pay a rooting company to do it as obviously I'm new to this but I wanted to get some feedback. Also at the moment the phone is attempting to self activate and its not letting me even look at the details of the phone so how would I get around that anyway? Thanks for your time.
#12 Hotbatgirrrl, Feb 13, 2018
I always root my devices B4 activation..
ofcourse i haven't rooted this device yet...
#13 Astr4y4L, Feb 13, 2018

okay yes I think I will root it before activation...I have also realized I need to take my time..I thought I knew a little about computers lol I have more homework to do. Thank you
#14 Hotbatgirrrl, Feb 13, 2018
Do be careful, and a copy of stock firmware for the device always is good to have if possible . Just in Case
#15 Astr4y4L, Feb 13, 2018
I felt like I could do this but I keep finding conflicting information. I would like to ask a couple of basic questions...1) If I root the phone and install spyware will the store clerk who activates it be able to tell its rooted? 2) If I used something like kingo app will it show as an installed app or can I delete it while the app remains hidden? 3) If I root it from a pc then I won't have to worry about the installed app right? Thanks for the advice on the firmware
#16 Hotbatgirrrl, Feb 13, 2018
well they probably won't bother to check if it's rooted... not the store clerks line of work. but if you ever mess it up and need warranty it'll be void.

the store clerk will mostly just type some numbers into your dialer...

yes once rooted you can easily hide any app from the app menu with a few commands in a terminal

pm list packages <---list whats installed .find your app package name then

pm hide "package/app name here"

hit enter after each of those commands

Hope I've helped Ma'am

#17 Astr4y4L, Feb 13, 2018

I am unable to find any successful rooting of this specific device LG ls676 with android 6.0.1 could anybody confirm that this still has not been accomplished successfully?

I am talking about a $40.00 phone so if it breaks its not the end of the world...with that in mind anybody have any suggestions which method to go about rooting it ??? all input is greatly appreciated!
#18 Hotbatgirrrl, Feb 14, 2018
Will the person you are planning to give it to know it has spyware installed? If not it may be, depending on jurisdiction and circumstances, illegal, and I'm sure you'll understand that we would not want to involve the forum in that case.

I actually don't know this model and so couldn't tell you anyway, but I can tell you that apps like Kingo generally only work on older versions of Android than that.
#19 Hadron, Feb 14, 2018
Its for my teenage son and I understand completely..I appreciate the help but do not look to cause any issues.
#20 Hotbatgirrrl, Feb 14, 2018
When you say "spyware" what exactly are you trying to accomplish? If it's simple tracking or monitoring of messages, then there are apps that will do that without rooting. Realize too that if your teenage son is anything like mine was, he'll figure it out faster that you can install it and with root access on the device he'll have the ability to change everything.
#21 lunatic59, Feb 14, 2018
100% True.
Dang My Brother Kills it every time ! LoL
#22 Astr4y4L, Feb 14, 2018