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Tips Samsung S5 - Delete Picasa Photo's

I've got a Samsung S5 and I can't see how to delete Picasa photo's, please help....


#1 monerjoner, Jul 26, 2014
not sure of this but i think once your account is synced with google it will really have a picasa album.. i hide mine on the settings :D
#2 icedtea, Jul 31, 2014
If you want to delete Picasa photos there are 2 ways. It has been integrated with google + so you can go into photos and do so. Or you can download Picasa web tool app avail in play store. Sign in with gmail. Go to autobackup and delete that way!
#3 amarie82, Jul 31, 2014
Go to Settings>accounts and select Google+ and un check sync photos.
Then go to app manager> All and select gallary and clear all cache and data
Then reboot your phone
This worked for me.
Piccasa is a pain in the fizzer
#4 slatyford, Aug 2, 2014

will CLEARING DATA not affect/delete the pictures/videos?
#5 icedtea, Aug 2, 2014
Only the ones in cache... Nothing you'll miss
#6 smith058, Aug 2, 2014