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School accounts recycled?

I have this school account that I still use from last year, but I don't go to the school anymore. On day I noticed that in my YouTube watch history there were a ton of videos I didn't watch, and my search history too. As well as my watch later. Also, school calendars were shared with me. I quickly changed my password. I couldn't think of what happened except that they recycled accounts or someone saw my password at school...


#1 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
I would say that it's not a great policy to recycle email addresses at all and I'd be surprised if they did it deliberately. If your name was John Smith, then I could see how there would be a big demand for john.smith@school.edu but most school emails i see have numbers appended to them to make them unique.

You should move away from that account quickly. After a year, I'm shocked that it is still even active. You are facing the day when the school just shuts it off and you will a.) miss important email, and b.) be unable to confirm password or account changes where you used that email as primary contact.
#2 lunatic59, Feb 13, 2018
Well I'm kind of prepared for that, and can they delete your account if they don't know your password?
#3 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
And besides, my school account can't receive or send emails to or from people except with the same school accounts
#4 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
And besides, I don't think anyone else for a long way has my name. It's kind of rare
#5 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
But I did have my email and password on sticky notes in my 'cubby' all year... I did bring them home though and I did change my password a couple of times
#6 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
And I've got all of my drive data on my device, and I shared my Google document with my other account.
#7 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
None of that would affect your YouTube history. Did you let anyone use your phone temporarily? Or walk away from a PC while still signed in to your google account?

The school can do anything they want with your password account or email. They own it, not you.
#8 lunatic59, Feb 13, 2018
No, I mean someone used my account to watch YouTube and search things too, not me
#9 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
And no, I don't even have a phone, I have a tablet and I didn't let anyone use it.
#10 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018
But I was signed in to a few devices, but I don't know who could've used it...
#11 Sluggers, Feb 13, 2018