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Slow Google Play Store Downloads

Have been having troubles with slow downloads from Google Play Store. Tried all the cache and data clearing
from Play Store and Play Service. Uninstalled updates to GPS and that didn't help. During that process it
updated from 8.7.10 to 8.8.12. Hoping that had done something to help but still woefully slow.

This is evidently a big problem and has been for sometime. Don't know if this inherent to a certain system or phone or what but would appreciate any help.

I am using an S5(yes I know it is old but in perfect condition) with version 6.0.1.


#1 deke40, Feb 12, 2018
Just tried an episode of a TV show off of Netflix and it took less than a minute for a 45 minute episode to download. That tells me it is a Google Play Store problem that is well documented all over the net.

The above download was on my S5 so I tried it on my wife's S5 and Tab4 and my new Tab E.
They all downloaded the same TV episode in under a minute. Also the Tab E downloads Play Store
downloads just fine and it has the same version of the Play Store App.
#2 deke40, Feb 13, 2018
Did you download from Netflix or stream from netflix?
#3 psionandy, Feb 13, 2018
#4 deke40, Feb 13, 2018
Came across this on the net and tried it. I started a download and waited until it stopped at download and wasn't
going any further and restarted my S5 and as soon as it rebooted it resumed installing. I tried this on three different
apps and it worked every time.

Now if I can just figure what the restart is doing to make the download finish maybe I can make some change or adjustment to do the same thing without the restart.
#5 deke40, Feb 13, 2018
I found out if I have multiple updates I can check all of them but have to restart to get each one to update. Also found out I can use Emergency Mode and it does the same thing. There is something in those two actions that
caused the update to take place. Now if I can isolate it to that one thing it would not be a fix but a band aid for the time being.
#6 deke40, Feb 13, 2018
Don't know what changed but downloads from the Play Store are back to normal with no hanging installs.
Downloaded three different apps this morning all downloaded and installed in a short period of time.

As they say "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". I am going to enjoy my S5 a little while longer.
#7 deke40, Feb 15, 2018 at 7:34 AM
Glad you have your situation fixed..
#8 Xavier Black, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:25 AM