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Support SMS Error Cant text?

Chances are this is due to Sprint's system being hammer, and your account not being properly provisioned yet.
#2 Bek, Jun 4, 2010
thanks Bek, My wife's evo has her phone # wrong??? but I can call her, but her call id is some weird phone#...
#3 Federer, Jun 4, 2010
Yep - eventually Sprint's systems will wake up from being curb-stomped and gang beaten in the back alley this morning, and come around.
#4 Bek, Jun 4, 2010
I bought two htc evos today and my fiancee's evo have the sms error. Mine is working fine.
#5 jxs1984, Jun 4, 2010
Try calling customer service or going to Sprint Chat

I had a similar problem and it had something to do with them not activating my phone properly. The man I talked to on chat sorted it all out for me, and it works fine now!
#6 unwallflower, Jun 4, 2010
Yeah, my wife called and fixed it.
#7 Federer, Jun 4, 2010
I did the online chat for this error message when trying to send a text after getting my phone just a few hours ago, and this is what the chat person told me to do, so the next person doesnt have to go through it.

Eliena R: Press Menu, then tap Settings.
Eliena R: In Settings, flick Up and tap System updates.
Eliena R: Tap Update profile.
Eliena R: You will see Device Configuration - The network is preparing your service. Please wait.
Eliena R: Do not interrupt this process.

Me: ok update complete

Eliena R: That's great.
Eliena R: Now , Tap OK to return to Home screen.
Eliena R: Please try to send message.

Texts work fine now. Thanks!
#8 mrjeff, Jun 4, 2010