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Support Static / interference from phone on another speaker device

Hello there,

I recently bought BQ Aquaris U Plus (Android Nougat) and I notice that whenever the phone is close to another speaker device, like a radio, it sends static / interference signals even when there's no activity going on with the SIM cards (normally it happens when you're making a call, receiving/sending a SMS). This noise happens every 120 seconds or so.

My friend has the exact same model and her phone doesn't behave like this. Why is it constantly communicating with the cell towers?



#1 coldpumpkin, Feb 12, 2018 Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
UPDATE: Seems like this only happens when I select "Enable in automatic mode (2G/3G/4G)" whenever I start my mobile data:

After I turn off the mobile data, the cellphone behaves like I stated before. If I select "Enable in mode 2G/3G" and then turn it off, it doesn't create static anymore. What the hell?

On a side note, everytime I enable mobile data, it gives me this popup asking what kind of connection I want to use, which is really annoying.

Does anyone have a clue?
#2 coldpumpkin, Feb 13, 2018
Solved: faulty SIM card.
#3 coldpumpkin, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:16 AM