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[TOOL] Mobi Scales - Real working digital scales


The best mobile digital scales app for Android!



This is NOT a fake or prank app. It is the genuine thing and allows you to weigh small objects using just your smartphone!

Has memory so you can store your weight readings (up to 4 measurements at present) with comments.

It will also have a weight conversion feature very soon.

It is calibrated already but you can calibrate it yourself (recommended) to give more accurate readings. Use any object of known weight for calibration like a 20 pence coin (6 Grams)

Comes with a video tutorial, full instructions and is customizable.

Pro version Features:

  • Choose from 4 different units (MG, Grams, ounces and pounds (lb))
  • Calibrate as many times as you want.
  • Choose which sensor to use for measurements.
  • Choose number of decimal places to display weight.
  • Set your calibration weight.
  • Convert weights (coming next update).
  • Toggle displaying of ads.
  • In app full detailed video "How To" tutorial, shows you how to use the app.



#1 rafhelp, Apr 12, 2013

Its the free version of Mobi Scales, the best android digital scales app!

OK heres the website:
BNAR - Beautifull Names of Allah Recitor Software - RAF Net | Wix.com

All the screenshots, QRCODE and information is there.

There is also a google play link there so you can use that too
#2 rafhelp, May 13, 2013

Islamic app, or for converts.

99 Names of Allah and tasbi counters.

Or visit the website for the full info and Play link. Theres also a desktop version for your PC
#3 rafhelp, May 13, 2013