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Hey, EverythingAndroidPro here:
So, I got my Galaxy Note 7, the recalled version. Samsung claimed it was safer, so I tried it out. No issues. It worked great for the first two months. Until it reached 0%. After that it wouldn't charge. Every time i tried it would heat up. Like, fire hot, causing me to pull out the entire plug and get the outlet checked out. So I am not sure what to do. It works if i hard reset it, but when it dies again, its the same old thing. Should I toss it in the trash or play the Note 7's little game?


#1 EverythingAndroidPro, Feb 14, 2018
And thats what warranties are for...

... get them to fix it
#2 psionandy, Feb 14, 2018
Safe than what? A grenade?

I was under the impression that All note 7's were recalled and/or deactivated via an update. I'd return it before it started a fire.
#3 lunatic59, Feb 14, 2018

ahh.. sorry.. i thought he meant the re-launched Korean version.

Ahh no... you're on your own there mate... Samsung didn't claim it was safer.. they wanted them back.

Put it down before you get hurt.
#4 psionandy, Feb 14, 2018
That's a little vague. If that's a reference to the battery failing and no longer being able to hold a charge, buying it only a few months ago it should still be covered under a warranty. But if it's a matter where you were continuously using your phone until it ran down to single digits, you might still have claim for a replacement but when frequently running any smartphone battery down until it's almost drained, that will drastically shorten the battery's longevity.
#5 svim, Feb 14, 2018