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Tips why does my screen randomly go black

my screen has been randomly turning black and have to keep hitting the home button to activate again.

this is happening with active use, like surfing the web or typing.

anybody else having this issue? after waking it back up sometimes I have to wait a few secs before I can use it again as it freezes for a few secs.

I have already played with screen shut off if idle 30 secs to 30 mins

any ideas??


#1 mrcheap, Sep 4, 2013
I would consider returning it. No setting that I can think of would do that. Also you could try a factory reset.
#2 brosko, Sep 5, 2013
Mine does that sometimes, and I have determined the protective leather case I have is encroaching onto the touch screen display and causing problems. It was also preventing the display from recognizing my swipe to unlock the screen. I am now looking for another case. If you are using a case, try removing the case and see if that helps. Good luck!
#3 ksdhillon, Sep 7, 2013
Hi guys,

Wonder if anyone can shed some light? I have my GT3 8" in a case, from e-bay. Case affords excellent protection and access.

When I open the case, like a book, my device comes on. When I close the case, like a book, the display goes off. Fine. Saves battery, and saves having to press the power button.

HOWEVER... This I have found a couple of times.. If I fold the cover all the way back (like open a book and fold it back on itself), and operate in that manner, SOMETIMES the screen has gone off (as if powered down/sleep), but when I "unflip/unfold" the case, then the screen illuminate again, and waits for passcode entry.

My guessing???? Is that the magnets in the case are causing the Tab to sleep, when folded back??

Anyone else had this problem??


THIS is the case type:- Leather Smart Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T310 T311 T315 8 Inch Tablet | eBay
#4 kevinx, Mar 3, 2014
I just got a new case from Ebay for my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the display goes black randomly as well. No magnets in the case. Can anyone find out if there are sensors the avg guy doesn't know about being affected by the case?
#5 SteveDee222, Sep 23, 2014
Similar issue with galaxy tab 4...
#6 steo, Nov 5, 2014
I have your answer. Try sliding your palm over button left corner of the screen it will go back. I guess it's a way to save power but incredibly annoying because It can happen on accident, I can't seem to find an option to turn it off.
#7 Skysovs, Jun 28, 2015
Its the cover. There is a magnet in the bottom right corner of the cover. It is designed to shut off the screen when you close the cover. Also, when you open the cover and fold it all the way back it also triggers this feature.

In settings under accessories there should be something called "Automatic unlock" under the heading of "book cover". Disable this.
Ugh, never mind. that didn't work either. Anyone?
#8 catzgomew, Nov 26, 2015 Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
I had the same problem and i turned the autoscreenbrightness off and it seems fixed!
#9 Leemans_Tom, Jan 9, 2017
I have got Goospery case as a present for my Galaxy tab S a month ago and that was a month of problems. The screen turned and turned black as I folded it, some times the same moment, sometimes later and it was driving me crazy. Some days ago I noticed, that if I fold it so, that there is actually another double fold between the covers, the srceen is not going black any more. I hope this can help other users with the same problem.
#10 Majalunca, Feb 6, 2017
My tablet will go black and it never turns back on unless it dies or if I throw it at a pillow?? Its been doing this since I got it its a galaxy tab A with the s pen I'm not sure why it does this but its annoying
#11 Heatsiar, Sep 16, 2017
Maybe like the OP, it's either a cover magnet or the device is actually faulty.
#12 mikedt, Sep 16, 2017