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Support Wi-Fi disconnects on Note 8 while other devices still connected

I have been noticing this trend since the day I have bought this device - whenever there may be a slight 'loss of quality' in my broadband (and I must say Note 8 is VERY VERY picky and touchy about this), the device chooses to mark the WiFi as not marking, with an 'exclamation mark' and takes VERY long to either move back to the WiFi OR to move to 4G.

On my previous One Plus 3 I used to observe an IMMEDIATE switch to data in case of non working WiFi s, which I would have been somewhat okay with on my Note 8, too, since at least I wouldn't be suffering from those rotating circles on Netflix or YouTube.

But now, I am subject to my Internet ACTUALLY GOING OFF on my phone just because Note 8 chooses to categorize the WiFi as bad quality.

And the strange part is, all the other phones and tablets and laptops at my home are still connected all throughout this period and working PERFECTLY fine.

Only my Note 8 chooses to annoy me to no end!

Anyone else faced this?

Any solutions?


#1 BodhiDG, Feb 13, 2018
Similar issues with my note8. Its a verizion version. My S6 would switch from wifi to data but the N8 just hangs on the wifi with ! for a while. wifi wont work and it wont switch to data unless i turn wifi off. Use the same wifi on my tablets and dont have that issue
#2 VasN, Feb 13, 2018

What variant do you have? Is it rooted or completely stock?
Are you running any aggressive battery saver apps or routines? This can cause undesired results in some phone envorinments.

Have you tinkered with the developer settings any? There is an aggressive wifi /cellular handoff setting in there.

Also in the wifi settings on the phone , there is a setting to toggle to switch to cellular if it deems wifi unreliable.

Now my question is does this behavior happen no matter where you are or only ar certain locations? If it happens everywhere, it may be a phone issue, from a software application that may be running rogue in the background or something physically wrong with the device.

If it happens in one or two locations but not all, it may be an issue specific to those locations.

Ill say ive had the note 8 since first production run last year and i am on wifi 95% of the time. I have no issues with handoffs or the phone not working off wifi.

If you can reproduce the experience, list your steps here and your carrier so others can potentially test.

I’m on tmobile stock.
#3 marctronixx, Feb 14, 2018
Get's my vote for best answer so far...
#4 Astr4y4L, Feb 14, 2018
Verizion version. Completely stock. Happens in most locations now. Seems to have started after the Jan update. Was fine before that. Have not added any new apps since December.

Just turned on Agressive wifi/cell handover and to keep mobile data turned on in the developer section.

Lets see if that helps

#5 VasN, Feb 14, 2018