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My LG cricket stylus 3 is not connecting to WIFI and the ADD WIFI option where you have ADVANCE WIFI and INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL is not highlighting , I have tried several options but the add WIFI is not highlighted so I can add WIFI please guide me on what to do . Thanks


#1 STELLAMARIS, Jan 18, 2018
As you didn't want to list any of the '...several options...' you tried, this may be repetitive but the first thing to try is to just reboot your phone. A surprising number of people won't bother doing so when they encounter a problem, creating a situation where they're trying to fix a one-off issue. At least if you've restarted your phone and the same problem is still occurring that's a first step in actually trying to diagnose what's going on.
If after a reboot your WiFi menus are still greyed out, try enabling Airplane mode, and then try to enable WiFi again. Sometimes it just gets 'stuck' and needs to be manually disabled/enabled.
Also, have you noticed anything odd as far as Bluetooth connectivity? Inside some phones both WiFi and Bluetooth rely on the same antenna. This would indicate there's a possible hardware issue if you're also having Bluetooth problems. Could just be a matter of re-seating the antenna connector, but it does require opening up and possible disassembly. But something like this is more supposition than anything.
Has this WiFi issue been a long standing problem or did it just start happening recently? If recently has anything like a system update been applied around the same time?
#2 svim, Jan 18, 2018
Thanks a lot for your swift response but this problem started on December 22nd last year when I visited my sister so trying to log into her wifi, using her password was a problem , after few attempt I noticed that the ADD WIFI mode is not highlighting anymore till date and it kept saying ip address unavailable even as am in my house , last week I took it to a technician that flushed the phone yet ,is still not connecting..
#3 STELLAMARIS, Jan 18, 2018
If you've installed any kind of anti-virus/anti-malware app, try disabling all its features, reboot your phone, and see if that makes any difference.
Another thing to try is boot your phone up into its Safe Mode. While in Safe Mode your phone is running the Android OS in a 'clean' state where any third-party services aren't automatically loading up. If your WiFi menu shows up normally while in Safe Mode that indicates some app you installed previously is causing a problem. Determining which one would be the next step.
#4 svim, Jan 18, 2018
Dear svim. I found your post in online search re loss of up address.
I am a technophobe and truly thought i had lost my phone! Recent download from samsung update and wifi was off the wall. Either all on or all off then dead! Your post explaining clearing cache saved my sanity. I was near throwing phone and Binning £500 to boot lol.
Im a 61 yr old dinosaur (female) and your advice was so clear i did it! Cleared cache ( though the android man laid under a ! Before I managed to get it)
Phone is running like a dream. Wifi symbol (thought it would never come back) is up there nipping away happily and the up address reads like a condensed version of War and Peace.
I wish you the same joy you have given me over this.
I had a job finding how to post to you. I couldn't bear not to Thank You for your help.
Sue clarkson
#5 Sue clarkson, Feb 13, 2018
#6 Sue clarkson, Feb 13, 2018
Hi again im gutted. It worked for ages this morning. Began rearranging icons. Returned the screensaver and bam.... internet gone. No ip address.
Did another cache. Finally came back after i turned on the apps giving all access. Now its off again
Back in 4g.
Did a save and restore but that brought screen back to earlier scruffy mode. Icons back to unorganized.
Will it end or will I have to reboot to factory settings?
#7 Sue clarkson, Feb 14, 2018
I'm going to suggest that you start your own, new thread and title it with a brief statement of your problem(s). Adding your posting onto a thread from someone else with an unrelated problem is a bit confusing. The topic on this particular thread refers to a Wi-Fi issue so others just casually browsing through this forum will think this thread pertains to a Wi-Fi matter.
By posting your own thread titled with your own situation, that makes it easier to focus on your issue and not on a different matter. Please include your phone model (different phones often require very different solutions so this is an important point), your carrier, and details on what problems you're having.
#8 svim, Feb 14, 2018