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Let there be only EPIC WINING!!!

I am not Bipolar - I am Bi-WINNING!





#1 Stinky Stinky, Dec 16, 2017
I won an S8 battery case and a Nova Prime code this year.
Don't have the phone and have been using Nova Prime since it became a thing...
Winning isn't all it's cracked up to be.
#2 dontpanicbobby, Dec 16, 2017
I'd rather be a winner than a loser.
#3 LV426, Dec 16, 2017
Without winners there would be no losers. I am in favor of Success Neutrality. ;)
#4 lunatic59, Dec 16, 2017
It's a series of tubes.
#5 mikedt, Dec 16, 2017
LOL Let's win this guys!!!!


#6 Stinky Stinky, Dec 17, 2017
My son's basketball travel team came back from a 25-13 halftime deficit to WIN 33-31. #WINNING!!!!
#7 Unforgiven, Dec 17, 2017
Ram's win big one.
#8 ohno7158, Dec 18, 2017
Winning games, but losing players. Hmmmm....
#9 lunatic59, Dec 18, 2017
Just as I am the lastiest of the last, I too am, the winniest of the wins.
#10 no one, Dec 18, 2017
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#11 Unforgiven, Dec 18, 2017
The paranoids are all out to get me but they haven't got me yet so.... winning!!
#12 Zigman66, Dec 19, 2017
Remember, you're only paranoid if the world isn't really out to get you. :thinking:

You may not be paranoid after all. ;)
#13 lunatic59, Dec 19, 2017
I think if ya took a week-long snapshot of my life I think you would see that I am justified in saying I am not paranoid..........:(
#14 Zigman66, Dec 19, 2017
Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. And some days the bear not only gets you, but it takes you into the woods and ... well we all know what bears do in the woods ... all over you. :eek:

#15 lunatic59, Dec 19, 2017
i won nothing on a 10 dollar scratch off today-but at least i won
#16 heamicdan, Dec 20, 2017
Strange game, Professor Falken. The only winning move is not to play.

How about a nice game of chess?
#17 lunatic59, Dec 21, 2017
#18 Stinky Stinky, Dec 21, 2017
My wife owns that movie! Was pretty cool hearing the reference tho!
#19 Zigman66, Dec 27, 2017
Had just enough snow to make the white Christmas I was hoping for...... Major Winning!!!!! :D
#20 Zigman66, Dec 27, 2017
Heat wave today! Warmed up by 3 degrees today... it is now +4F out there! Winning :D
#21 Zigman66, Dec 28, 2017
#22 Milo Willamson, Jan 9, 2018
Told my boss to kiss my asterisk today and still didn't get fired! Winning!!

(Full disclosure: I own the company. Can't seem to get fired no matter how hard I try)
#23 Zigman66, Feb 7, 2018
Wish I was my own boss
#24 LV426, Feb 7, 2018
Be careful what you wish for. Not as much fun as it sounds
#25 Zigman66, Feb 7, 2018