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Support Wrong Time on Weather Widget

any idea how to change the time on the weather widget? It shows the correct time down on bottom right but not the bigger center time....really odd

got the phone today, LOVES IT!!



#1 Riggss, Jun 27, 2012
Same happened on my wife's s2. The widget was crashing.
Try clearing the cache on app through app manager and that should do the trick. If it still does it, try an uninstall and reinstall of the app after clearing the cache
#2 chillibean, Jun 27, 2012
The time on the bottom right is the time it last updated the weather. check that the widget is displaying the time for your current location or the city you live in. If you scrolled by mistake and have a different city with a different time zone that could be one reason it is displaying the wrong time :p
#3 Mar, Jun 27, 2012
A man with one clock always knows what time it is. A man with two clocks is never sure.
#4 Doit2it, Jun 27, 2012
had same issue. GPS was disabled so the current city info would have been cached. this seemed to prevent the refresh. out of time problem caused by day light savings. needed to turn on mobile data also and then turn off use current city location option in the accuweather app and then back on. :D
#5 tommyowens1, Oct 30, 2012
So I have the same problem. And day light saving time was this weekend. It just happened about 30 minutes ago. I have tried everything in the settings for the phone date and time, and for the appointment settings as Well. I have tried What you guys were saying too. Nothing has worked. It's getting frustrating. Any ideas??
#6 laurenmariee, Nov 4, 2012
Hi, the way I just updated the time on my weather widget was to delete my city and then have accuweather locate me again. It set the correct time immediately. Probably wasn't the ideal way but it was efficient.
#7 Trilliam, Nov 4, 2012
This worked perfectly. Thanks!
#8 northeast, Nov 4, 2012
How do you delete a city?
#9 MacEFL, Nov 7, 2012
Try a thermonuclear weapon! :)
#10 Musky, Nov 7, 2012
Click on the Lock Screen weather... click on the plus sign + ... click on Current Location.. that how it resets you... click on the city/location it finds... BOOOOMMMM .. there u have it
#11 roughyear, Nov 15, 2012
2016... and the bug is still here ;)
#12 Akira Shiaki, Mar 31, 2016
Guys, I had an employee with this exact issue. No matter what city she put in, her date was wrong in the weather app. Yet, the time in the upper corner of her phone was correct. I figured it out when I added a clock widget to her phone, and it had the option to select a city. When I selected our city (Baltimore), it showed the time off by 7 hours. So, it wasn't the weather app.

Went to Settings, Date/Time, and saw that the time zone was set to British Eastern Time. I set that to Eastern Time Zone, and when I did, it changed the time to that incorrect time that was in there earlier (9am). So I then set it time to the correct time. Now both the time zone and the time were correct. closed all that, went to main screen and the weather app was now showing everything correctly.
#13 John Carr, May 17, 2016
This was bugging the heck out of me. My fix was simple. Go to Settings>Date and Time. Check the box for "Automatic Time Zone". It was as simple as that.l.
#14 fjcastro, Jun 3, 2016
I had the same issue, so I tested a theory. It has to do with the city. I tried to turn the location off and then back on to reset the app like I read here prior and it didn't work, so instead I turned off the location and added another city close by and the time was Accurate! Then I manually added my city with the location turned off and the time was wrong like before. My guess is the city hasn't been updated yet and we will need to just wait. My location for reference is Concord, NH the city I tested was Manchester, NH.
#15 Tarsha Lamarre, Nov 6, 2016
Coincidentally, I had done the exact same thing -- tried to get Concord NH's weather and found the time was off by an hour (ahead) and the temperature is always the same (69 degrees F). It's been this way for a few days now. I also had tried Manchester and it was OK. This was on my Galaxy S5. I then went to my Samsung tablet and tried the same thing. When I searched the weather app for Concord NH, two results came back. The first one had the wacky 69 deg and wrong time, the other was correct. So my guess is there is a bad result for Concord stuck somewhere. Don't know why I can't get the phone to provide both Concord results. Clearing cache/data doesn't help.
#16 Gregoree, Dec 27, 2016
As of 02/02/2017

Settings➡️Date&Time➡️Automatic time zone➡️Use network provided time zone (this will make your clock and accuweather clock sync)
THEN untick/deactivate again the 'Use network-provided time zone'
Reset your actual time manually. Voila!
#17 kiTTen21, Feb 2, 2017