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YouTube app black screen with audio and blurry thumbnails

I recently got a new tablet. It is very good, but I have some problems with the YouTube app. Firstly, (the most annoying one) is randomly, if I'm just watching a video, the screen goes black but with audio. Secondly, EVERY thumbnail of EVERY video is blurry. Please help! (Also on the black screen thing, if I go out of the app and go back into it, it fixes it, but then it returns shortly. (At the end of the linked video is where the screen goes black but for some reason the recorder stopped when that happened)



#1 Sluggers, Jan 2, 2018 Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
I'm not really sure what I'm looking at in the video or the thumbnails. I didn't see the screen go black and the thumbnails look sharp enough. All I'm seeing is some sort of overlay, but I figured that was just your screen recorder.
#2 lunatic59, Jan 2, 2018
Uhhh that wasn't a very good representation, because the screen recorder just stopped when it went black, also the overlay was twilight, a thing for helping you sleep.
#3 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
I'll make a new video.
#4 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018 uhhh here is it but it still stopped when it went black, I don't know why... 😟
#5 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
My guess would be the same thing that's blanking your display is also stopping the recording. Do you have any power optimizing apps? It could be that it's overriding the screen-on state and putting your display to sleep prematurely.
#6 lunatic59, Jan 3, 2018
I got a new screen recorder, I'll try it with this one.
#7 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
I tried making a new video with the new recorder, but when the screen went black, the recorder crashed my device... Weird 😨
#8 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Also, no I don't have any battery optimizing apps
#9 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
I took a shot. Well, let's go back to the basics. What is the tablet model and what version of Android are you running?
#10 lunatic59, Jan 3, 2018 here are the blurry thumbnails but in the video they don't look quite as blurry as they actually are.
#11 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Android version 7.1.1
#12 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Lenovo TB-X304F
#13 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Also, I see other people have this problem from my searches (black screen with audio) but it seems like with every one else, it's just like they can't watch videos at all. And I have already tried uninstalling YouTube updated and reinstalling, didn't work. Tried rebooting device, didn't work.
#14 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
And it seems like no one else has the thumbnail problem... ☹️
#15 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
A couple of places to look ... first go to settings>battery>optimization and see if turning off battery optimizations for youtube. You can also try settings>display and see if "always on" has any effect.

I still haven't seen the thumbnail problem. The image you posted looks fine to me.
#16 lunatic59, Jan 3, 2018
It for some reason uploads the quality very high, making the thumbnails look normal, but they are all blurry.
#17 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
There is no optimization tab in battery for me
#18 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
I also didn't see an 'always on' tab
#19 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Did you try pressing the image? When I do I can see the blurry images except they still aren't AS blurry. ☄️
#20 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Can you take a screenshot without the overlay? Maybe that would help.
#21 lunatic59, Jan 3, 2018
Ok here it is
#22 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Also, did you look at the blurry thumbnails video? I can create another without twilight if you want.
#23 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
#24 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018
Make sure you watch it in 720p
#25 Sluggers, Jan 3, 2018