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Root ZTE ZMAX 2: Root

I've been keeping myself updated with the rooting softwares and ive tried the Kingo and SRS Root for the ZMAX 2 but none of them have worked, Kingo would say root completed then my phone would freeze into a purple screen then Kingo would say root failed..(I know its unhealthy) i tried it several times but it would continue to freeze and fail.. So i tried SRS Root and just like previous people having the same problems on recent forums, it would say Root Complete, reboot, then nothing..not rooted ZMAX 2, no SuperUser..nothing..

So please if somebody has found the best Rooting Software or has found a safe alternative way for the ZMAX 2 please comment on my thread, im sure everybody else would be pleased to know also.. Thank You in advance if there is a software being able to fully root a ZMAX 2 because im finding nothing at all.. Im only wanting to root it to hack games and apps if theres a way to do that without a root (I highly doubt it) i would be more pleased.


#1 Kyle Rose, Jan 5, 2016
no luck yet my friend
#2 fino8129, Jan 6, 2016
nothing seem to work srs i thing is a scam can get it to work already try in several computers
#3 fino8129, Jan 7, 2016
Try flashing su from XDA using flashifi right after u get part root
#4 roadkill42, May 10, 2016 Last edited: May 12, 2016
I got partial root on boost max plus using pc version of kingo root.Try it and report back.
#5 tnomtlaw, May 11, 2016
Just Successfully Rooted My ZTE ZMax 2
#6 KiddSoulja, Aug 28, 2016
How did you do it? I'm on the att version and nothing yet.
#7 Aienjell, Aug 28, 2016
Why would you not share how you obtained root with the rest f us?
Please, how did you do it? You're the only one so far...I've spent over 40 hours looking and trying every app and result on Google!
I bow down to you!
#8 mike0921, Sep 3, 2016
Yeah that's kinda bull wow haha!
#9 Gforce520, Sep 9, 2016
Wanna share or nah?
#10 Pyroman, Sep 25, 2016
Any news on a rooter yet?
#11 Dmoney887, Sep 30, 2016
#12 tressieee, Oct 3, 2016
I have a ZTE zmax 2 I use it with a straight talk Sim card. I connected the phone to my laptop and ran the kingoroot app on the computer and it rooted the phone. I checked it with root checker and it said root was successful. But once I installed titanium backup and deleted all the att bloatware it didn't take it off the phone. Once the phone had been restarted the root was gone. If anyone knows how to unlock the boot loader on this phone I can probably root it then share more info and screen shots but right now I am limited by the locked bootloader
#13 Kevlee84, Oct 20, 2016
Have you guys checked out this thread http://androidforums.com/index.php?threads/1040331/ ???
#14 tnomtlaw, Oct 30, 2016
Hmm OK, it would be really nice to get this phone rooted, I have the z955L is there any progress with this
#15 UltimateRoxxs, Nov 2, 2016
#16 DominicTorraco, Nov 19, 2016
How did you do it? Please
#17 Aienjell, Nov 19, 2016
how do we know thats not bull like the last one
#18 UltimateRoxxs, Nov 19, 2016
If it isn't possible soon, I may start looking for a mid range upgrade. It's an excellent phone for the price but, not having NFC and now two OS versions behind, might be time to find a slightly better phone that can also be rooted and keep the zmax 2 as a backup/media player.
#19 Aienjell, Nov 19, 2016
Are you gonna share your method?
#20 tressieee, Nov 20, 2016