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*ZTE Zmax pro 2* - believe the hype

It's pretty safe to assume the bootloader will be just as locked down. I'm excited to see it but I won't buy it . Learned my lesson the first time around

Picked up Huawei's honor 6x for 250$ at best buy . And Huawei will unlock the bootloader for you from their site - amazing business practice.
#2 Sirmilkbox, Mar 10, 2017
No more zte devices for me. No root
#3 nickdigreat, Mar 10, 2017
16 gb storage and probably no NFC?

I'm fine with my Zmax Pro.
#4 tube517, Mar 10, 2017
Nah. I'm perfectly happy with my Zmax Pro and I won't be upgrading my phone for awhile and if I do it probably won't be ZTE. If it's another budget phone then it's probably going to be a small upgrade with Nougat probably being the selling point of this one. I'm not paying $100+ for Nougat, ZTE can shove that nonsense.
#5 KuroLionheart, Mar 10, 2017
Don't see the need for a new phone. This phone is shitty but it does its job for the most part. Don't care about root since they tighten the security. Not worth the headache.
#6 asianrocker, Mar 10, 2017
This phone is most definitely not shitty at all. If we get root and everything that comes with it, this 100$ phone will be a beast. I mean I've played around with an S7 and an iPhone 7 and I don't get why people pay so much for them.
#7 mhrf90, Mar 10, 2017
It's called paying for the brand. You know for the show off. Fortunately for these companies, they are a lot of them. Not me though.

There is nothing those brand names can do that any cheap one can't. So I too am baffled why people waste money to show off. Oh ya, same reason for social media phenomenon. Eh.

Shitty in a sense that it is a hit or miss with this phone if it works right or not, LOOOOOL. Oh God, I'm used to unpredictability of cheap brands anyway.
#8 asianrocker, Mar 10, 2017
It's not shitty but this phone doesn't compare in any way to the s7 or iPhone 7. This phone is toll on December security patch. The hardware on those phone are superior. You don't expect to pay a premium hardware.
#9 nickdigreat, Mar 10, 2017 Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2017
That wasn't the point. The point was I don't get why people spend $700 instead of $100-$200 just for waterproof and a slightly better camera.
#10 mhrf90, Mar 11, 2017
Gaming on this device is horrible. Glitchy even just scrolling through the Ui. At times this don't have 5g wifi. Noticeable difference in wifi browsing speed. My amazon fire phone performs faster better wifi browsing and that's from 2014. Down try to down play the differences. It's night and days. Your waterproofing argument because that just became a selling point You get a significantly better experience with those devices. There is a reason that zte is a budget phone. As a budget phone great but if you get a flagship it's worth the money.
#11 nickdigreat, Mar 11, 2017
So you rate one phone over another purely on GPU speed?

The zmax pro CAN be just as fast as the s7 CPU wise.
The graphics on the other hand is a different story.

Camera? Who actually needs a higher resolution photo other then photographers or hobbyist?? We all know most who buy those phones are mainly on Facebook and Snapchat or Instagram...

As far as WiFi browsing there is no noticeable difference between 2.4ghz or 5ghz unless you are purely local area..

The fastest network currently available is xfinity which only offers 100mbps which fastest throughput you may get is 5-8mbps. Not everybody has google internet 1gbps+.

And if the phone is rooted 9/10 the phone is updated OS wise faster then manufacturers update the newer phones.

So please reiterate your post to be more detailed on why budget phones aren't as good as premium phones?

Don't forget one day Knox will soon kill all root entirely.
#12 loonycgb2, Mar 11, 2017
Tell me one thing the zmax pro does better? Just one thing. Case and point no comparison. You telling me what the zmax pro does good in comparison to other budget phones. Not in the same class as the s7 and iPhone 7.those maybe the best phones every created to this point.
#13 nickdigreat, Mar 11, 2017
I would not pay that much more just so WhatsApp and Maps load a split second faster is all I'm saying. We all understand specs and why flagships cost what they cost, man lol
#14 mhrf90, Mar 12, 2017
The ZMAX PRO was the best budget phone of 2016 and perhaps of ALL Time up to that point.

I hope the PRO 2 invests in an enhanced two lens camera instead of the fingerprint scanner (or in addition to the scanner). Personally, I have never used the fingerprint scanner for any purpose. I would get much more use from a better camera (an enhanced version of the two lense system on the Grand XMAX 2 plus). The only time I think the fingerprint scanner might come in handy is if the phone has NFC.

Better camera is a priority over fingerprint scanner.

NFC would be cool.

Larger battery capacity would be cool.

Better Speakers are a MUST!!! The original ZMAX had great speakers.

Adding a stylus would shut up the Stylo people.
#15 ZMAX4EVER, Mar 12, 2017
The question is, why are you in this forum if you like wasting your money on flagship phone? Get out of here then. LOL.

Answer my question - is there anything your beloved samsung and iphone can do that this phone can't?
#16 asianrocker, Mar 12, 2017
I was impressed with what you get for the money. Definitely not find a better 100 dollar phone out there.

What impressed me most when I first got this phone was the fact it had a gyroscope! Photosphere and vr capable.

The shortfall for me is mine has a bad touchscreen like others have mentioned. I've just been dealing with it for now.

I might consider the new one mattering what it ends up offering. So far it has a bump up in processor and GPU but if nothing else is any different then I'm not sure it's worth it . My next phone may be a flagship or at least a better mid range or something. The last few devices I've gotten have had touchscreen issues (of stylo and the zmax)
#17 xyourxhighnessx, Mar 12, 2017
The difference is night and day. If you was right zte wouldn't make flagship devices they would be pushing this phone. You notice the difference in attention zte pays to the axon compared to this phone. Same company but flagship gets better treatment. That fake lol adds nothing to your argument so why put it. U must be slow. Use common sense

My iPhone 5s from out performs the zte zmax pro in every way. Has more features that the zte doesn't have. Only thing the zte has is bigger screen. IPhone 2013 zte zmax pro 2016 no comparison. An 2013 with 1gig rom outperforms and has more feature than a 2016 phone.
#18 nickdigreat, Mar 12, 2017 Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2017
I wouldn't use an iPhone if you gave it to me for free. I prefer my ZMAX PRO :) The larger screen is soooo much better. I've owned "flagship" phones in the past. I've owned an iPhone. Never again. ZTE, LG and Huawei have done a great job of bringing out QUALITY phones at amazingly affordable prices.
#19 ZMAX4EVER, Mar 12, 2017
Actually running a benchmark the ZTE ZMAX pro out performs the iPhone 5s or comes very close to it also apple and Android are two completely different OS's and therefore use different processing power making apple do better at some things a also making Android do better at other things.
#20 ExLegionAir, Mar 12, 2017
Actually the note 7 is the best phone of all time not considering the battery issue.

But honestly touchwiz by its self kills Samsung and there really isn't any app that needs that much power other then gaming.

The iPhone is horrible by its self with iOS. The hardware is far more superior to its OS.
#21 loonycgb2, Mar 12, 2017
Superior hardware but the iPhone trumps it in terms of performance and stability. Facts
#22 nickdigreat, Mar 13, 2017
Respect one another in this thread. Name calling will not be tolerated. Keep it civil.
#23 marctronixx, Mar 13, 2017
Point of info: there's no speed nor bandwidth issue differentiating 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz wifi, save one: 2.4 GHz is a far more crowded segment of the radio spectrum than 5 GHz is.

Thus a 5 GHz connection should be less prone to interference. HOWEVER, 5 GHz is a far more directional segment of spectrum than 2.4. while the latter bounces off walls and furniture maintaining enough energy to effectively connect you, 5 GHz is far more vulnerable to total blockage or weakening via physical barriers.

5 GHz is line of sight or a weakened/broken connection, basically.
#24 Jeton, Mar 17, 2017
"2.4 GHz is a far more crowded" I rest my case and I notice the difference.
#25 nickdigreat, Mar 17, 2017